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Are you ready to FINALLY prioritize and manifest your goals and dreams?

Check out Erica's NEW Book LIST YOUR GOALS Journal: 100 Lists to Inspire and Motivate Your Growth

Month: November 2010

fired for facebook

Wordy Wednesday

The Headlines today read: Federal authorities say firing for posts on Facebook illegal

Please note, the above is NOT the actual Facebook remarks in question.

A Connecticut was fired after posting disparaging remarks about her boss on Facebook.

This dismissal has prompted a first-of-its-kind case by the Federal Authorities who say that her comments are protected under the freedom of speech labor laws.

The company stands by its policy against employees discussing the company on the Internet.

The “On the fence” question: Do you think it’s grounds for dismissal if an employee spreads negative remarks on their “personal” Facebook page about the company they work for and its people ?

peanut gallery

When Grandma’s A Little Overbearing

It takes a village to raise a child, no doubt. But sometimes the village can be, well, a little overbearing… shall we say. We are both amazingly fortunate (read: most of the time) to have family geographically close by. They have been lifesavers in many ways, including babysitting, picking up a child, a home cooked meal, unlimited mommy advice (read: sometimes unsolicited) and providing endless company. However, with our fortunes, come our misfortunes. You know the overbearing, always present, ‘think they know what’s best for your child’ grandparent? The child that YOU spent hours of sweat, blood, and tears delivering?

fruit face

25 Healthy Snacks For Kids

Every day, I have two kids’ lunches to prepare: A main meal, 3 snacks, water and juice (I only give juice to my older one). I have noticed a steady decline lately in the quality of snacks in their lunches (obviously my fault, despite being a very healthy household), and it’s driving me bananas! My 3 year old loves foods like salmon, quiche and all things healthy. He’s quite a pleasure to feed. My big son is a little “trickier,” shall we say. Mealtime has been a huge problem for us, actually. If I’m serving salmon to the family, and my 7 year old refuses to eat it, and therefore I’m making him a grilled cheese, all of a sudden, my 3 year old hates salmon. And then I’m screwed! All healthy goes out the window. And lord knows, I ain’t no Martha Stewart.

Bullying and Denise Richards

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I am sure you have heard the news and stories circulating around actor Charlie Sheen, and what happened in New York the evening of October 26th. It’s also no secret that a ‘behind-the-scenes’ chance encounter with his ex-wife, Denise Richards, showed me an incredible and compassionate side to her. We have stayed in touch ever since. You can read more about it here. I also feel very strongly when it comes to hurting other people and bullying other people without giving them a chance to defend themselves. I made a video about that as well, and you can see it here.


Wordless Wednesday

The ‘On The Fence’ Question: Do you push to finish the hour and fulfill your commitment, or do you call it a day?

When is it pushing too hard, and when should you push to not raise a quitter?

I never know the right answer. Would love your spin on this! 🙂

ellen degeneres

Stop Being So Hard on Yourself

I watched the beautiful Porta De Rossi on The Oprah Show yesterday. The hour flew by. What an engaging and candid interview. Portia DeRossi, wife of Ellen De Generes, and actress from Ally McBeal and Arrested Development talked openly about her secrets of the past. She was a closeted lesbian, afraid of being “Outed,” and had starved herself down to 82 pounds, and was suffering with bulimia simultaneously.

friendship quotes


The subject of friends and friendship has been omnipresent in my mind lately. I have given a lot of thought as to what constitutes a “great friend.” We all have friends that we have accumulated over the years, some better than others, but still consider friends nonetheless. Over the last little while, I made the conscientious decision, that since I considered myself such a good friend, I would no longer accept having simple friendships that were devoid of moral depth and values…

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