HADRY is the ultimate fashion accessory to SPARE YOUR HAIR while in the sun and water.

HADRY Brand fuses together high fashion, gorgeous style, innovative fabric, and individuality into a never-before-seen unique hair hero


HADRY – (Hah-Dree)

When the words “hair” and “dry” are combined, HADRY is born, the NEW fashionable and glamorous beach accessory for your hair.

Have you ever asked yourself the question: How can I protect my hair when I’m at the beach or sitting by the pool? It seems that high ponytails and buns are the norm when it comes to swimming, but now HADRY (Patent Pending) has arrived to save your hair. The new lifestyle Brand is giving new meaning to a “breath of fresh hair.”


Creator Erica Diamond was playing with her kids on a sunny day in July poolside when she saw a young mother swimming with her baby. The mom had just had her hair freshly blown out for a wedding that evening, and she was wearing a white plastic shower cap in the pool to keep her hair protected.

Being the social savvy mom that she is, @EricaDiamond tweeted: “A mom is now in the pool with her baby and a shower cap on. Kinda smart actually!”

To which her friend in Los Angeles tweeted back, “Don’t laugh! If there was something stylish out there, I would totally wear it!”

And at that very moment, HADRY started to come to life.

hadry logo-revised June 2015 app

Founded by Erica Diamond, inventor, TV personality, and social media influencer, HADRY was born from a Twitter conversation sparking a need to offer women a revolutionary, luxurious, and beautiful beach fashion accessory for their hair.


Under its trademark Humiloc™, HADRY uses an innovative fabric to protect hair from the elements. This fabric locks out the humidity, is breathable, and is also water resistant (while both keeping hair dry and protecting it from harmful UV rays). HADRY allows women to feel both sexy and stylish at the beach– the perfect marriage of GLAM and FUNCTIONALITY.

HADRY compliments the hottest swimsuit and cover-up looks of the season. Add HADRY to your beach fashion– have one, have four, in all different colors, patterns and styles from the HADRY collection, and throw them into your beach bag before you go! Tuck all your hair in while swimming for a more classic and sophisticated look, or leave your hair out for a more fun and chic appeal.


The inside of every HADRY is adorned with its signature HD print, and comes in two styles to appeal to women of all ages. The HADRY Scarf can tie into a long knot, a short knot, a bow, or wrap around. The HADRY Bun gives the sleek and elegant beach bun look. HADRY is currently developing its third style, The HADRY Reversible Scarf with one side solid, and the other side patterned.  HADRY is also available in two sizes: Small/Medium (for short thin hair) and Large/X-Large (for longer thicker hair).








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Spare Your Hair while poolside and beachside and follow our journey as well as share your own HADRY adventures using hashtag #HADRY.

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CLICK HERE to shop HADRY, and don’t forget to check out our LOOKBOOK as it’s constantly being updated! HADRY makes a perfect holiday gift for the women in your life, as well as a fashionable and sexy beach accessory.

And this, my friends, is what has been keeping me busy for two years.

It has been a true labor of love and I can’t believe HADRY IS HERE. We are a seedling today, October 30th, as the world discovers HADRY.

If you love it or just feel like supporting a women’s startup, please feel free to share the love.  I wanted to share it with you first. It makes a great holiday gift, and upcoming holiday travel beach MUST HAVE.


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