Do You Set Daily Intentions?

Do You Set Daily Intentions?

Do you set daily intentions? My guess is probably no, for most. I would love to invite you to try a new morning routine. Setting daily intentions. I invite my yoga students to do it, and I suggested it to my son this morning.?

When you wake up tomorrow morning, set an intention for your day, first thing.

I intend to ______ today.

Here are some good ones to get you started.

I intend to…

To accept whatever happens as if I had chosen it.

To show up for myself

To follow the flow

To hustle and work hard with the peace of knowing that regardless of the outcome, I will be okay

To create more simplicity and peacefulness in my day

To discover who I am and what I enjoy

To explore something I’ve never seen before

To pause before responding in conversation and lead with more love.

To live authentically and unapologetically

To be selective with my time

It’s quite a powerful exercise if you stay with it over time. I’d love you to try it, and then reach out to me next week and let me know how you did.

Sending love.


Do You Set Daily Intentions?

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