A 2-Minute Personality Test: How Did You Score?

So, I thought this would be fun for a Friday. It is an interesting exercise via Dr. Phil, and it doesn’t take long to complete (only two minutes). Once we know more about ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses… the journey to self discovery is the one of the first steps to getting off the fence.

I got a 47.

Happy Friday! I’d love you to mark your score below.


  1. I scored a 42. It was fairly accurate, but I fit well into the other closest category, too.

    Interesting that the results say “Others see you…” when all the questions were from the personal point of view, rather than from the point of view of others.

  2. Interesting. I got a 49 and feel like it’s right on a lot of points.

    Although, I must say, black and white aren’t colors so they shouldn’t be in there.

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