What Are YOUR Rules During COVID-19?

What Are YOUR Rules During COVID-19?

This week’s Global TV segment was born out of a post I wrote on my personal Facebook wall a couple weeks ago that received a lot of feedback.

It was an appeal to my mom and dad friends, and it went like this:
Truthfully, my kids are upset with me because the rule states that we can have friends over to our homes now. Most of their friends are having friends over, and many of my friends are too, but I still don’t let anyone in our home.

And boy, this doesn’t jive well with my kids.

Navigating the New Normal of COVID-19

Navigating the New Normal of COVID-19

Good morning.

I have been grateful to Global TV who has let me carry on each week with my parenting and lifestyle segments from home – keeping me safe over here, but still working.

Each week, we have been tackling a new COVID-19 topic as it pertains to how we are living that week. And that living, has become a NEW NORMAL.

Many of you have asked for my thoughts on COVID-19, and what we can do to boost our spirits and our wellness, and those of our kids’, during these times.

Therefore, I decided to create one post today, cumulative of the past six weeks, with all my Global TV segments and all my online yoga classes, so that NAVIGATING THE NEW NORMAL is in one place for you.

Unplugging For A Digital Detox

Unplugging For A Digital Detox

I was back at my Wednesday morning home. But I will miss my Global TV viewers for the next two weeks! I will see everyone back Wednesday, March 18th. I am practicing what I preached this morning at 8:20am.

Kids going on spring break in March?

This morning I shared how to unplug and be a more present parent throughout Spring Break. We aren’t just seeing kids glued to their screens, parents are as well. To ensure the time we have with our kids this spring break is quality time, how can parents unplug?

5 'Must-Have' Mom Apps and 'Must Listen To' Mom Podcasts to Entertain and Inspire in 2020!

5 ‘Must-Have’ Mom Apps and ‘Must Listen To’ Mom Podcasts to Entertain and Inspire in 2020!

Yesterday morning on Global News, I shared 5 Great ‘Must-Have’ Mom Apps and ‘Must Listen To’ Mom Podcasts to Entertain and Inspire in 2020! We tell moms to put away their phones, but yesterday we offered ways to use it for enjoyment, pleasure and productivity.

Please feel free to let us know what podcasts you’re enjoying and what apps you’re using.

Also, stay tuned for a little announcement…

Boosting Your Children's Self-Esteem and Body Image

Boosting Your Children’s Self-Esteem and Body Image

Whether you thought Jlo and Shakira’s halftime Super Bowl performance was empowering or inappropriate, we can all agree we want to raise daughters (and sons) with healthy self-esteem and a positive body image.

This morning on Global TV, I shared just how we can do that.

And as for the halftime performance, I am leaving it up to a few smart ones to express how I felt. Personally, I was mesmerized.

Here are the words of wisdom, in my humble opinion…