Are you ready to FINALLY prioritize your self-care, avoid burnout, and reclaim your time, energy & joy in 2024?

BUSY TO BLISS: The Coaching Experience: A Private Membership Community Dedicated To Transformative Self-Care For Busy Modern Women With Real Life Schedules

Are you ready to FINALLY prioritize your self-care, avoid burnout, and reclaim your time, energy & joy in 2024?

BUSY TO BLISS: The Coaching Experience: A Private Membership Community Dedicated To Transformative Self-Care For Busy Modern Women With Real Life Schedules

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How To Add Spice and Romance To Your Relationship Using Feng Shui

By Guest Blogger Kathryn Weber

When it comes to slipping between the sheets, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is feng shui in your bedroom. Yet it’s the feng shui of your bedroom that could just make the difference between a so-so romantic experience and an overarching deity of oohs and aaahs.


Bedroom parity can solve the bedroom rarity of solid and satisfying sex for both partners. Yes it can. How can that be? Well, think about your bedroom as a symbol of your relationship. Is it broken down in the middle like the mattress and filled with laptops and tablets, similar to the way your work intrudes in on your love life?

10 Superfoods To Incorporate Into Your Fall Diet

Seeing that we’re entering cold and flu season (and heck, COVID is still around), our focus should always be on our immunity and eating well, so today I wanted to share 10 Superfoods that you should be incorporating into your fall diet.

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Happy International Day of Happiness! 15 Happiness Boosters

Happy International Day of Happiness, Ladies!

Firstly, for a double whammy for #DayOfHappiness and #MotivationMonday, I’m flashing us back to my fifth episode of the #OWNSHOW on The OWN. The topic was on some less well-known happiness boosters. Here is that episode on Oprah Winfrey Network.


A Remarkable Tribute To Women on International Women’s Day

At 30 years old, I left the job I loved. I had fought long and hard to win my role in the ABC News Political Unit covering presidential politics. I worked for a boss I respected and with colleagues I loved. News was my mother tongue, and I had a privileged perch covering public policy and just about anything political I wished. There was no reason to leave.

Except this nagging thought that kept attacking me: What will you do if you are still doing this 10 years from now? Will that be enough?

I knew it was not.

While I loved my work and the people I worked with, I knew I was passionate about something else: economic development. Looking at why poverty works the way it does, and writing about what we can all do to make a difference when it comes to making people’s lives better.

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Making Your Bed

I’m sure you have heard the expression, “You made your bed, now you have to lie in it.” I have thought about this for a long time. I have come to realize that “making your bed” is a representation of yourself. The people who decided to “Occupy Wall Street” in 2011, made their beds together, on the ground, in solidarity for a cause. This act represented all of them. They say our sleep position represents our personality. But is where we sleep and how we prepare our beds, really a representation of ourselves? Let’s think about this for a moment.

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Fighting The Odds: The Launch Of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

On October 16, 2006 I had a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction, by choice. The story began several years earlier, when I was 26 yrs old, and my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I guess this shouldn’t have been too surprising since both my grandmothers had survived their own bouts with breast cancer. My mother had a lumpectomy and underwent several months of radiation and chemotherapy. The whole situation is really somewhat of a blur now. I was living in a different city than my mom, working at my first “real” job and newly dating my husband.

10 Tips For a Strong Fall Season

It’s just about that time – summertime! People are starting to get double vaccinated, the evenings are longer and warmer, school’s out soon, and we are trying to usher back in a sense of normalcy.

Throughout the summer, I generally try and come from a place of YES instead of my frequent place of NO. “No, you can’t stay up later,” “No, it’s too late to go Dairy Queen tonight,” or “No, I can’t meet you for coffee, my friend, because I have too many deadlines.” It was a few years ago that I decided that that “no” was not going to dominate my summer vocabulary. Summer is a perfect time to say YES to your life. ESPECIALLY after the year we’ve had. We want to make sure we’re seizing the moments this summer 2021.

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6 Ways To Stay Motivated While Working In The Summer

Happy Long Weekend for my North American Friends – Canada Day or 4th of July! I am trying to channel my younger son this long weekend who is the kind of person that just JUMPS into life. I stumbled upon this picture of him from many summers ago, and every time I see it, it reminds me to JUMP in the direction of my dreams and to always remain a free spirit. It’s funny how much we often learn from little people.


12 Secrets To Success in Life and Womanhood

I am a Certified Women’s Life and Career Coach. I have worked with hundreds of women as a coach, consultant and mentor for almost 20 years. As a former Success Coach, I have studied success for thousands of hours, and have spoken on the topic countless times. Based on my research, here are my Top 12 Secrets to Success in Life and Womanhood. There are many more, but I tried to cover the ones that had the most significance. I’d love to know yours, and I’d love you to share them below.

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14 Surefire Morning Rituals to Start Your Day Right

Mornings are not easy. Doesn’t it make you wonder why those people in the coffee commercials are always ecstatic to roll out of bed, open their window drapes, and start the daily grind? It’s almost like the sun is smiling back at them. I’m a mom of two little angels and now that I’m months away from having my third child, I admit, mornings but can tough. But more than just a perfect cup of coffee, there are tons of morning habits you can do to start AND end your day right.

So let’s get right to it, shall we?

It’s time to work smarter not harder, end procrastination and own your day… every day!

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