Are you ready to prioritize your wellness and self-care this winter?

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Are you ready to prioritize your wellness and self-care this winter?

The Bliss Essential store is open! Shop the highest quality and purest essential oil blends for SLEEP, STRESS, ENERGY and IMMUNITY!​



A note from Erica…

Hi, I’m Erica Diamond and I empower busy women to prioritize their self-care by teaching them how to master their mindset, time, energy, & well-being.

Many of you have been feeling stuck in ‘survival mode’. Trying to stay healthy, care for your family, keep up with work, and somehow still find time for you.

These past eighteen months has been confusing, overwhelming and chaotic. So much changed so quickly. It feels like we entered a new reality overnight.

I see you out there taking on more than you perhaps have ever taken on before — holding up your household, your family, your community, and your workplace…all while trying to stay healthy and vibrant yourself.

I truly believe this moment is calling us all forward to be the best versions of ourselves.

As a Certified Life Coach, Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher, and Course Creator & Teacher of Busy To Bliss, it is one of my life’s missions to help as many women as I can unlock the true power of self-care… not the kind that comes from bubble baths and massages (although we love those!), but the kind that comes from creating routines, tools, goals, mindset, and habits that allow you to access feelings of well-being and stability in any moment.

If you feel that this would be supportive for you, I would love to work one-on-one with you. 

If you’re ready to finally step off the hamster wheel, I’ve got you.

With love,



Erica Diamond is a unique kind of coach – she is a hybrid between both coach AND consultant. This means, she acts as
your life coach, but also provides highly strategic, effective and results-driven solutions like a business consultant.




  • Are you currently stuck, blocked or on the fence in your life?
  • Are you walking around feeling unmotivated or overwhelmed?
  • Looking to set personal or professional goals?
  • Are you looking for strategies to reclaim your time and energy?
  • Are you looking to prioritize your self-care? Want to implement a daily self-care regime into your life for balance and abundance?
  • Do you often try and make plans and goals for yourself but those plans always seem to fizzle out and fall by the wayside?
  • Want to learn how to effectively and purposefully balance life and career in harmony?

Well then, you’ve come to the right place, my friend! The good news is, there are some options for you below.


Just a few topics that we can explore include:

  • Building a more nourishing life
  • Building a realistic self-care routine in a busy household
  • Goal setting
  • Navigating change
  • Life purpose
  • Restoring your time and energy
  • Self-care strategies
  • Effective time-management skills and strategies
  • Pivoting your business and mindset around change
  • Creating a stress management toolbox to feel more calm in your everyday
  • Creating an action plan to get moving towards your goals and dreams
  • Getting unstuck in your career


Erica Diamond’s expertise include (but are not limited to):

    • Wellness Coaching
    • Personal Life Coaching
    • Self-Care Coaching
    • Stress Management
    • Personal-Development Coaching
    • Strategic Decision Making
    • Career coaching
    • Goal setting
    • Burnout Prevention
    • Success Coaching
    • Personal Branding
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Influencer Marketing
    • Online Monetization
    • Relationship Building and Networking Skills & Techniques
    • Leadership and Team Building






    “Talking to Erica gave me clarity on what my next step was and how to make it happen. She is clear, fast, and no nonsense. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, Erica can guide you there. She sees the big picture and all the little pieces it takes to make that picture come alive.” ~Nina Manolson, MA, CHC

    “I absolutely woke up feeling hopeful and with purpose today. I genuinely feel like my life as I know it is about to change for the better and I am excited about the new opportunities that await me. – Anon

    Meeting you has absolutely changed my whole thinking in a matter of an hour – it’s unbelievable! I spent so much time, money and energy on therapy throughout my life and it did not have the impact that your words and your whole persona had on me in a matter of minutes. Your honesty, your sincerity and your wisdom were perfect and spot on – it was as if you had known me for years. I am now clear on my action plan and steps, and it starts today.

    I cannot express just grateful I am to have met you. ” ~SP

    “Working with Erica Diamond was a “game changer” for my online community, Her enormous blog success in such a short period of time is what attracted me to Erica and then learning that she was visionary behind it was proof that anything is possible with passion, perseverance and a good mentor. Erica’s business acumen and social networking know-how raised the bar for me and exposed me to another world of other women entrepreneurs that will stop at nothing short of SUCCESS. Erica gave me the motivation and amazing key elements to take my business to the next level. Though I have quite a bit of work still to do to get my site to any type of monetization, I will continue to work with Erica to ensure the success of my business. ~Amy DemingFounder & CEO of

    “When I started my social media journey, I immediately noticed and specifically, Erica Diamond. Her site was full of great business lessons and tips, but more importantly, you could feel Erica’s heart and passion in everything she did. My very first blog post that I ever wrote I submitted to her site and she couldn’t have been more helpful in every way; she gave me content and editing tips and lessons on how to put your heart into your writing. When my brand began to grow and I needed some advice on the best way to do it, she was the first person I thought of. I used her business consulting and coaching service, and in just one hour, Erica, gave me the insight, direction and COURAGE, to take it to the next level and it has soared since. She has been a great mentor to me and I will turn to her for advice and wisdom as my business continues to grow. Erica’s business acumen and passion for what she does definitely helped me to get off the fence and into the life of my dreams.” ~Lia Keith,

    “I had been following Erica, via Twitter, for some time and was always intrigued by her posts and comments. This compelled me to reach out to Erica regarding consulting and coaching work for me and my business. This turned out to be a great connection. Erica truly understands her clients and doesn’t simply preach to them, rather she uses real, practical, and easy-to-implement strategies to guide people in the right direction in their business.” ~Darah Bondman,

    “Erica is truly a genius at what she does and her experience and insight are invaluable. Two minutes into our conversation, she had pinpointed my pain spots and provided me with real, effective and creative solutions that were specific to my field and would help bring my goals to the next level. I am now on the right path in my career and on the road to success. Thank you, thank you, thank you!.” ~TB

    From the first ten minutes into my consult with Erica, I could feel she is truly dedicated to helping women achieve success in business. She is warm, honest, sincere, genuine and really knows her field of business. I was surprised at how quickly she was able to tap into what I was doing, ask the right questions to get me focussed and strategic about where I needed to be. So glad I met Erica when I did! My business is now well on its way thanks to Erica” ~Ilana Versterman

    “When I met Erica, I was in a little bit of a funk. Erica helped me work through the discouragement & distractions of life.  Her direct and strategic approach successfully coached me to stay focused on my goals and realize what I don’t want is just as important as what I do want.” ~Barbara Mauro



    Email Erica Diamond if you have any questions about moving towards bliss and abundance in your life (Please use the subject header: COACHING).



Put yourself back on your priority list in 2022 and reclaim your time, energy and joy in 2022! 

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