Self-Care Guide for Empowered Living

Just for you, in these challenging times, Erica Diamond made you a little quick hit- a little roadmap to daily wellness and self-care.
You’ll find resources like:
* Erica’s monthly self-care calendar
* How to create your daily self-care regime
* Your Sunday night checklist
* Tips for working from home
* How to get unstuck
* The silent warning signs you might be more stressed than you think
* A 30-minute zen yoga class

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How Stressed Are You?

How stressed are you right now? If you are curious, find out by taking my short quiz.

The Essential Self Care Quiz

How good are you to yourself? Do you need to spend more time and energy on self-care? Find out by taking this short self-care quiz!

10-Minute Guided Meditation for Calm

Whether you are an experienced meditator or it’s your first time and are looking for more ways to feel calm, Erica’s got you. So, go ahead and find a quiet spot, grab your earphones, get comfortable (Erica suggests lying on your back with a pillow under your head for this meditation), close your eyes, and take the time just for you to restore.

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