Are you ready to FINALLY prioritize and manifest your goals and dreams?

Check out Erica's NEW Book LIST YOUR GOALS Journal: 100 Lists to Inspire and Motivate Your Growth

Are you ready to FINALLY prioritize and manifest your goals and dreams?

Check out Erica's NEW Book LIST YOUR GOALS Journal: 100 Lists to Inspire and Motivate Your Growth


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6 Ways To Stay Motivated While Working In The Summer

Happy Long Weekend for my North American Friends – Canada Day or 4th of July! I am trying to channel my younger son this long weekend who is the kind of person that just JUMPS into life. I stumbled upon this picture of him from many summers ago, and every time I see it, it reminds me to JUMP in the direction of my dreams and to always remain a free spirit. It’s funny how much we often learn from little people.


12 Secrets To Success in Life and Womanhood

I am a Certified Women’s Life and Career Coach. I have worked with hundreds of women as a coach, consultant and mentor for almost 20 years. As a former Success Coach, I have studied success for thousands of hours, and have spoken on the topic countless times. Based on my research, here are my Top 12 Secrets to Success in Life and Womanhood. There are many more, but I tried to cover the ones that had the most significance. I’d love to know yours, and I’d love you to share them below.

The Shaping of a Woman on #InternationalWomensDay

Happy International Women’s Day! Happy #IWD2022!

Today, March 8th, marks the 111th anniversary of International Women’s Day, a day that honors the fight for our rights as women– to end hunger, end poverty, end domestic violence, fight for gender equality and rally around each other as women.

The shaping of a woman starts with you, and it starts with me. It starts with the encouraging messages we tell our daughters (and sons). It starts with planting seeds… many seeds over time. My parents planted those seeds in me, and I am forever grateful. They never told me I could be equal to a man – because there was no reason to be. I was told to keep my eye on the prize, go for what I want, and work hard to prove to myself that I could make something happen. Men didn’t matter – my goals were what mattered. “Always be the hardest working person in the room and go the extra mile no one else is willing to go,” my dad would tell me. “When they can’t outwork out, you become valuable, then you become invaluable, and that my sweetie, will become your real advantage.”

Trading Prada for Peace

I was an advertising executive in the television industry for 12 years before I jumped off the fence. I am an only child, raised by an Asian mother who had her own successful career in the medical field, and a German-American father with a successful career in the aerospace industry. I was raised to excel in my studies and obtain the high-paying executive job and title. I was on my way.

I was fortunate to have found my soul mate and husband in my late 20’s, and we both decided to wait a few years before starting our family. My first daughter came along shortly after my promotion into a management position. Having the financial resources, we had a full-time nanny, which allowed me to continue my career. My job required much time, travel, and intellectual/emotional effort. Being in the entertainment industry, I got to meet and work with famous television and movie stars. In addition to attending awards shows, movie premieres, and launch parties, my husband and I got to attend exciting events such as the Olympics and the Super Bowl.

How To Fight Procrastination

Wise words. Especially for my Busy To Bliss students who just finished Module 3 on Time Management.

Let’s talk about the P word.


Eat The Frog

Well, hello and welcome to my favorite time management strategy: Eat the Frog! What do…

Two Questions To Ask Yourself Under Quarantine

Today’s post is for those who are able to use a little bit of time to strategize for the future. If you are functioning daily on survival mode (as most of the population is), you can absolutely sit this one out. No pressure. ?
I am thankful that my coaching practice is busy these COVID-19 days with people who need wellness strategies and who want to plan for the future after the fog is lifted. ?
These are the first two questions I ask every new client. It gives me an idea of where you want to be, and what is standing in the way of you getting there. ?

Spring Break Insights

On my 8-day spring break holiday, I have spent so much of it listening to podcasts. It’s funny, when I feel inspired, I listen to podcasts. When I feel uninspired, I listen to MORE podcasts. My favorite is listening to business shows. That might sound weird to you, but I have after all, started 3 businesses and sold one.

This morning on my meditative walk by the ocean, I wanted to share with you a few insights as to my learnings this week in podcast life:

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