Back To School Must-Have’s for Moms and Kids!

On this week’s Global TV segment, I discussed mom must-haves for back to school. Below, I have provided you with the links for where to get what. Since our readers are mostly split between Canada and US, I have provided the manufacturer’s link to the best of my ability, rather than a local store link.

Here we are. Your MUST-HAVE’S for back to school. Selected with love. 😉

Direct link to segment:

Mabel’s Labels


PackIt Freeze Lunch Box


Organic Cotton and Washable Lunch Box


Funkins Reusable Napkins


The Boogie Board Tablet,,,


ShopSavvy App App Store


Little Dipper Snack Container


This morning, I just found this picture of mom and I on my first day of back to school. Barbie in hand of course. 😉


I’d love to know: what are YOUR favorite back to school must-haves? Please leave them below. I’d love to hear all the great ideas!

And on a side-note, are we not just a little sad to even be uttering the words, BACK TO SCHOOL? I’m not ready for the summer to end. Sniff sniff…


  1. My daughter loves her TagTailz that she put on her lunch bag, backpack and dance bag. She loves a bunch of them and I love them because it makes it easy for me and her to quickly know which bags are hers. Great product I highly recommend to Mom’s everywhere to get!!!

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