I’m sitting at the airport about to cross a few things off my bucket list this week. I’m feeling so excited, so nervous, and well, always, always butterflies when traveling far away and alone.

I kissed my boys goodbye last night and I’m off to LA now to fulfill a dream – to share my wisdom on OWN TV.


I shoot my five mini-episodes tomorrow, and I’ll be covering life coaching themes/topics. I’m talking about happiness, how to get unstuck, how to stay motivated, how to recognize when we’re on the wrong path, the power of our girlfriends and more. I’ll be a guest on the new OWN Show. I didn’t sleep a wink last night. I lied in bed all night reviewing my script in my head afraid that I’ll sit in the chair with the show’s host, and BLANK OUT.

I’m praying I’ll rise to the occasion.

ellen degeneres

But, first, another bucket list item to cross off. I land at noon today and head right to Burbank. Yup, Burbank. Why Burbank, California you might ask? Why, it’s The Ellen Show!! I’ll be at the Ellen Show this afternoon in the audience, dancing along and ALONE. Cuz, YOLO! I figured once I was traveling all the way to LA, I was gonna make this happen. I love the peeps who asked me who I was going to The Ellen Show with, and when I answered “alone,” looked at me funny. Yes, I’m going alone. Yes, people, it’s okay to go places alone. If there is any lesson I’d like to share with you in this little post today, it’s that, when you actually do go places alone, wonderful things usually happen. When you are alone with no one to talk to, you are forced to look up, look around, and meet new people.

Try it. Just once. It’s kind of awesome.

Our guests today are Bill Clinton and Pitbull. I know, quite the pairing. Who woulda thunk it, right?

But back to the Oprah Winfrey Network… Did I mention I was nervous? Yah, that.

Off to La La Land. Wish me luck.