Focus On What You CAN Control

Focus On What You CAN Control

There’s a lot out of our control right now.


There’s a lot we don’t have any say in, or ability to change. This can be stressful. It can be anxiety-provoking. I hear you. I definitely FEEL you.

But the key to managing this difficult period, is to focus on what you CAN control:
You can control your attitude.
You can control your wake time and bedtime (making those hours work for you).
You can control your food intake and make sure you’re getting good nutrition to stay healthy.
You can control when to shut off the noise and go inside yourself.
You can control how you treat your family.
You can control how you spend your hours.
You can choose to focus on what IS working.
You can choose to surrender a little and ease up on yourself.

Remember, you can’t control everything, but you can still change a lot.

I love you. I see you,

Focus On What You CAN Control


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