Until further notice, I am offering a deeply-discounted, but highly-personalized holistic Brain-Body Wellness Experience with Erica Diamond.

You and I will meet virtually via Zoom for a 45-minute life coaching session, followed by a 30-minute zen yoga flow (customized to your level, including total beginner!) — all in the comfort and safety of your home. 

This is 75 minutes all for you. 75 minutes to boost your brain and calm the body. 75 minutes of peace in the storm. 75 minutes of real, practical self-care. 

Topics that we can explore include:

  • Navigating change as an entrepreneur
  • Building a realistic self-care routine in a busy household
  • Creating an action plan to get moving on your dreams
  • Marketing your existing small business
  • Getting unstuck in your career
  • Building a more nourishing life

You will be able to record our session, and refer back to it as often as you need in the days, weeks and months to come. 

For those who want a deeper-dive on life coaching, I am also offering a discounted 60-minute Zoom session. And for those who want exclusively yoga, that opportunity is available too.

Whether you are working through brand-new challenges in life, or are finding yourself with the mental space and time during this slow-down to get started on making your dreams a reality, this is the perfect way to show your brain and your body some love during this challenging time. 

These past few weeks have been confusing, overwhelming and chaotic. So much has changed so quickly. It feels like we entered a new reality overnight.

I have been hearing that so many of you are feeling stuck in ‘survival mode’. Trying to stay healthy, care for your family, keep up with work, and somehow still find time for you. 

I see you out there taking on more than you perhaps have ever taken on before — holding up your household, your family, your community, and your workplace…all while trying to stay healthy yourself. 

I truly believe this moment is calling us all forward to be the best versions of ourselves.

For those who may not be able to or interested in taking part in this 1:1 work, I will continue doing my Instagram live yoga sessions, and I hope to see you on the mat there! 

For a link to all my yoga and mindfulness classes for COVID-19 wellness, click here.

I truly feel that it is one of my life’s missions to help as many women and men as I can unlock the true power of self-care… not the kind that comes from bubble baths and wine (although we love those!), but the kind that comes from creating routines, tools, and habits that allow you to access feelings of calm and stability in any moment.

If you feel that this would be supportive for you, please click the links below to claim your Brain-Body Wellness with Erica session today. 

With love,


COVID-19 Brain Body Wellness


YOGAEmail: [email protected] for more information.



Combining her talent as a Certified Life Coach AND Certified Yoga Instructor, Erica teaches Corporate and Private Yoga individually or in groups.

Erica’s 45 or 60 minute flow class practiced to empowering music will leave your team feeling invigorated and energized. Combining her love of teaching yoga AND life coaching, Erica’s class is a total mind body and soul experience where you will feel the health benefits all day.

A calm mind and body make for a productive office environment.

Erica also teaches yoga privately in homes, and warm yoga in-studio.

Email to inquire.