I just recently divorced my high school sweetheart. Twenty one years together, and 15 years married, I made the most difficult decision of my life. It wasn’t easy.

We both tried so hard to make it work, but ultimately, it was just too hard. I was the one who asked him for a divorce, because he wouldn’t have otherwise.

‘Divorce’ was never a word either of us would have even fathomed. Breaking up our home, hurting the kids who were my absolute world, putting my Ex through a pain he didn’t deserve… how could I? I endured years of battling my heart and my mind. I tormented my friends and family with my heartache and inability to leave because ‘he’s a good man.’ But the truth is, he was a good man. Just not for me.

My Ex and I divorced because we honestly were horrible for one another. There was also no chemistry. We married for wrong reasons, and stuck it out because of insecurities. Both good people, just not for each other.