Wisdom Wednesday From Catherine Deneuve


So, this about sums up how I feel about turning 40 this year and deciding to choose my face.

I have wanted to write a blog post on this topic for a long time, but the beautiful Catherine Deneuve so eloquently says it as it is. As we age, we either choose our face or our ass.

Why? What does this mean?

I’ll tell you what it means. It means that when we eat, like truly enjoy life and EAT (and I still mean healthily), our ass grows but our face glows. And when we stop eating to spare our ass, our face gets gaunt, hollow, wrinkly and dehydrated.

It’s true ladies. Sorry. I’ve seen it.

I decided this year I would choose my face. My ass has grown, but what is life without enjoying and living in moderation?

The ON THE FENCE question of the day to my gals over 40: Have you chosen your face or your ass?


  1. I’m with you on this one Erica. When I turned 40 I had my first hot flash, and my thyroid went out on me. It took 40 lbs later before I realized there was a problem. I’ve tried to lose my ass but the face won out!

  2. Just saw this blog looking for Catherine Deneuve’s famous quote.
    Last April my nurse practitioner looked at my blood numbers and said, “So what’s going on here?”
    One year and -28 pounds later, my blood numbers are all good, I’m now off some meds, my body mass is in the normal range, my clothes look great and I feel great.
    But….yes. The great Catherine Deneuve is right.
    But I’ decided to go with my health. Life is good and when you’re faced with Diabetes II or cardio-vascular issues, and you see your numbers come back in the healthy zone, well there’s no contest there.

  3. Sounds like this pertains to women who do not go to the gym, don’t train, don’t exercise and frankly don’t eat a healthy clean diet. If you do these, you will have both a beautiful face and a high and tight ass ?

    1. The question mark at the end was supposed to be an angel emoji. I don’t know why it came as a question mark.

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