Are you ready to FINALLY prioritize your self-care, avoid burnout, and reclaim your time, energy & joy in 2024?

BUSY TO BLISS: The Coaching Experience: A Private Membership Community Dedicated To Transformative Self-Care For Busy Modern Women With Real Life Schedules

Are you ready to FINALLY prioritize your self-care, avoid burnout, and reclaim your time, energy & joy in 2024?

BUSY TO BLISS: The Coaching Experience: A Private Membership Community Dedicated To Transformative Self-Care For Busy Modern Women With Real Life Schedules

Month: December 2009

New Year’s Eve!

Ladies, I want to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a very Happy and Healthy New Year. Thank you a million times for reading. I can’t tell you how I appreciate your loyalty. Amongst all the Blogs out there, you choose to come and visit here, and I’m honored.

It’s Wednesday at 5PM, and my kids just left with their grandparents

helicopter parents

Are You A Helicopter Parent?

So why do we hover so closely over our children? And why should we STOP hovering so closely? I have to tell, I’m often on the fence about when I need to step in, and when I need to step back. I assume you want your children to grow up to be independent thinkers, assertive, and not spoiled. If you don’t care about this, don’t read on. If you do care, you should know a few things:

no regrets

Living Without Regrets

So as we approach the New Year, I think it’s only fitting to talk about regrets. We’ve all had a few (no, I’m not reciting Frank Sinatra’s My Life). We’ve all made choices in our lives that we wish we could have taken back or done differently. I can’t say I have major regrets thus far. I didn’t lose my virginity too young. I tried drugs at a respectable age. The only thing I did too young maybe, was smoke cigarettes. Eight is a little young, I agree. But the majors, like my career choice, or my life partner, or how many kids I had, amongst others, I ain’t got one regret. The only regret I have, is the handful of times where I wish I had handled myself differently in certain situations. But, once the cat is out of the bag, it’s very hard to put him back in. I do, however, think the things we have regrets about build character and make us harder. Mistake are stepping stones. It’s not bullshit, it’s true.

On The fence… Vodka or Wine?

Okay, so can you tell I’m on holiday mode yet? That’s the “on the fence” issue for me right at this moment, 5m on a Wednesday, when my hubby is off from work and my kids are off from school for two weeks. More on the fence issues: what time to eat, or nap, or wake up, or play, or whatever. That’s what time off is for, I guess. No homework. No rules.

cool Broderick 431x300

How Happy Are You?

Just so you know, if you’re a person who is going through life without true sense of meaning, purpose and zest, the news is not good for your longevity. People who are happy, resilient and optimistic live longer and live healthier. And while some people may be born with sunny dispositions, happiness isn’t necessarily based on genes or luck. Psychologists now believe it’s a learned skill, almost like bike-riding. In fact, Harvard’s ‘how-to-be-happy’ course, with more than 850 enrollees, has become the university’s most popular class. Its first lesson? Embrace your failures and frustrations. “When you give yourself permission to be human,” says the course instructor and psychologist, “you are more likely to open yourself up to positive emotions.” (US News)

Happy Friday!

Well, I’ve officially been at this Blogging business for three months, and I have to say, I’m absolutely soaking up every minute. People ask me how I get my inspiration, or find the time, or simply why I like to do it. The truth is, it’s because of you ladies, around the world, wherever you are. My Tokyo readers, my Italian readers, my Russian readers, my Israeli women… the Internet is a powerful and incredible thing. To have friends around the world without leaving the comforts of your own coffee shop, in glasses and sweats, to feel so connected. It’s why I do it.

Financial Strain Taking a Toll On Your Relationship

So if you feel yourself slipping further and further away from your partner, growing more angry and distant, stop and take a breath. Make a plan. And also remember, you’re not alone. Your best friend or neighbor could very well be in the same boat as you. Support is another amazing gift that comes to us in our darkest days.
Is financial strain taking a toll on your relationship?


How To Connect To A Man, By A Man

For many women throughout their lives, their male influences rarely present them an opportunity to understand the depth and complexity of male issues. I think there is a falsely pre-determined notion in society that leads women to believe certain myths; that men are the providers, that men are less involved in family life, men do the cheating, men are strong and insensitive, and men do not truly connect with their spouses. I am living proof that there is a side to men that most women have chosen to ignore or simply do not make the effort to understand. We connect, you just have to know how.

Decisions About Someone Else’s Life

So as I pondered today’s Blog post, something about decisions and choices resonated for me. Choices and decisions we make about someone ELSE’S life. Be it a sick parent, a handicapped sibling, a child. Be it a decision a doctor makes for his patient, or a lawyer makes for his client. We often have to make choices and decision for others. How do we make the right choice?

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