Okay, so can you tell I’m on holiday mode? That’s the “on the fence” issue  for me right at this moment, 5pm on a Wednesday, when my hubby is off from work and my kids are off from school for two weeks. More on the fence issues: what time to eat, or nap, or wake up, or play, or whatever. That’s what time off is for, I guess. No homework. No rules.

vodka or wine

We’ve come down to sunny Florida to regroup as a family from this 2009 year that has been… well… eventful. So besides feeling like the Grizzwalds sometimes, we’re actually quite good. Hubby hasn’t decompressed yet though, and was rather grumpy this morning, till he saw our friends. That loosened him up a little. He’s slowly starting to relax, so I’m happy for that. My kids are in heaven… making sand castles on the beach, and drinking enough juice to give me a diabetic attack. And I’m on the fence about what time, and when to drink. 😉 So I guess, life is good.

On this end, nothing much to report, other than, I cried when David Goldman’s son was returned to him.  I was shocked when Britney Murphy died. And I read  Tiger Woods is still having Woodies with Rachel Uchitel or something.

Tonight hubby and I have the night to ourselves, as my parents will be picking up the boys in 15 minutes to see Alvin and The Chipmuncks, and then for some burgers. We are going for dinner with some friends, and then maybe some shopping. I actually hate shopping, believe it or not. I’m probably the only woman on this planet who dislikes shopping. I’d much rather drink coffee, read a magazine and chat with friends. I wish someone purchased my clothes, size 6 thank you very much, and magically deposited them in my closet so I would not have to go out and seek them. Uch. I hate shopping.

hate shopping

So as I said, sorry for the short posts. I’m still learning how to say no and am taking a little “me” time. I still hope you’ll come back and read my incoherent thoughts that randomly come to mind, and drop me a line in the process.

Until next time, my friends. What do you think… wine or vodka?