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Are you ready to FINALLY prioritize and manifest your goals and dreams in 2023?

Check out Erica's NEW Book LIST YOUR GOALS Journal: 100 Lists to Inspire and Motivate Your Growth

Month: May 2010

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In New York, Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of, There’s Nothing You Can’t Do, Now You’re in New York

I’m baaaack ladies! As you all know, I had my girl’s getaway last week, and then totally checked out over the weekend to spend some quality time with family and friends. So, it’s Monday morning, I got my ass back to the gym (thank god), and I’m now I’m in my office, with my coffee, recalling some of my funniest moments of the past few years.

Get Your Priorities Straight, Honey!

Priorities. If I asked you to name your top 5 priorities in life, they would probably be something to the tune of; family, friends, career, security, maybe yourself? So, I would like to now ask you… What are your priorities in life? I encouraged you to make your own Bucket List a couple of months ago, and now I am encouraging you to make your priorities list. What are they? Are you living your life according to that list, or is there a kind of disconnect? Cuz it’s more important to your happiness than you think.

lump in breast

Fighting The Odds

On October 16, 2006 I had a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction, by choice. The story began several years earlier, when I was 26 yrs old, and my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. I guess this shouldn’t have been too surprising since both my grandmothers had survived their own bouts with breast cancer. My mother had a lumpectomy and underwent several months of radiation and chemotherapy. The whole situation is really somewhat of a blur now. I was living in a different city than my mom, working at my first “real” job and newly dating my husband.

my mommy is a bitch

Off The Fence and Making Memories

It’s Thursday morning. I’m in my home office sitting and trying to think creatively about an “On the fence” topic I’d like to cover. But, it’s not workin’, so we’re off the fence today, girls! For the simple reason: Sick child + Sleep deprivation + two kids off school till next Tuesday = creative juices NOT flowing. So it was no blog, or a true confession. So I opted to get chatty with you.

Wordless Wednesday

Take a look at your new nightly correspondent and this weekend’s co-host of Extra. Miss Rachel Uchitel, one of the ladies responsible for Tiger’s Woodies. On the fence about your thoughts here? There’s just something so wrong, but so expected about this.

Life’s a Journey, Not a Destination

Take it from me, a person who thought life only had one path, it doesn’t. Life is a journey in discovery of yourself! Enjoy it, nurture it, feed it, live it!!!! Consider this the little voice in your head saying “GET YOUR ASS OFF THE FENCE”and go for it!

So This Morning I Got The Call…

But on a serious note, I’ve just come off a crazy winter. The economy and the Canadian dollar have not been our friends = stress. I started a Blog, wrote a whole book, gave seminars and conferences and headlined the National Women’s Show, sat on the board of my son’s school, volunteered my time to mentor people starting businesses, broke up 15,000 physical fights between my boys, and I am exhausted. I need this sleep in more than you can imagine. So, recently, after much chit chat, the girls that I usually go on a yearly trip with, decided the time was now. So we booked our 3 day getaway last month. Yes, in a couple of weeks, 4 mommas craving a little “me” time will jet off to NYC, The Gansevoort Hotel, Rock of Ages, dinners, coffee at Bryant Park (my favorite NY park), SLEEP INS, mud masks, shopping, and great girls fun. I am counting down the days.

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