It’s Thursday morning. I’m in my home office sitting and trying to think creatively about an “On the fence” topic I’d like to cover. But nothing’s coming to me, so we’re OFF the fence today, girls! For the simple reason: Sick child + Sleep deprivation + two kids off school till next Tuesday = creative juices NOT flowing. So it was no blog, or a true confession. So I opted to get chatty with you.

So far, over the past two days,  I have slept a total of 142 minutes. This is not a joke. And when mama doesn’t get her beauty rest…. ummm…. well…..

my mommy is a bitch

But, staying close to home hasn’t been half bad. It’s been great bonding with the boys and I’ve been able to spend most of the day in sweats.  So far, in the past few days at home, I’ve witnessed:

  • My baby eat most of his meals in my bed. He’s milking it, and I’m allowing it. Notice the towels everywhere to catch the barf, the baby blankets, and the total cyclone that’s taken over my usually very tidy room. Here he is watching The Beach Boys live in Concert. Notice the captivation. He’s my father’s grandson. He even knows their unreleased hits like, Surf’s Up, and songs such as Caroline No. I bet you don’t!

erica diamond women on the fence

  • My big son, whom I call Alex P. Keaton from Family Ties, because he’s very intelligent, and very money obsessed (constant piggy bank, wallet, bank account inquiries) hard at work. I even found him washing a one dollar coin this morning in the sink. Oy we’re in trouble.
  • Newly in (12PM): My son is playing with the neighbor now. This is where he is taking the playdate (not my son’s drawings though). I am in serious trouble.

money obsessed

  • Many of my fellow Bloggers go without makeup. Check out this awesome video one Blogger put together from that day…. CLICK HERE! Notice pink bathrobe, wrinkly me at 1:30. 🙂
  • My favorite time of year is NOW… it’s planting time! I’ve gone to the market three times to choose my flowers, but haven’t been able to decide. Indecision is very unlike me. I’ll give it another shot today. I like pinks, purples, reds and yellows, and my front only gets morning sun. Any suggestions?
  • Confession: I fell in love with Justin Bieber (well not in the literal sense. I’m still more of a George Clooney, John Kennedy Jr. kinda girl), but I took notice, let’s say . Last week, I didn’t know one song this kid sang, and I found him irky and annoying. But I watched him on Oprah, and I gotta say, I’m hooked!!! Super talented, cute and I my son loves him too. Oh no. I can’t believe I’m actually writing this.
  • And finally, I watched my Habs collapse. My husband is making me take down the new car flag. He insists we haven’t won one game since I bought it.

So, today, I’m not writing on the fence Blog posts, I’m making memories with my boys. Thanks to the recalled Motrin I have been giving my three year old (don’t judge me, it works), I’ll be taking them for lunch soon. And I’ll try and sleep. And do the best I can. And enjoy the long Victoria Day Weekend with my family. And get ready for the girls trip next week.

girls trip

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Until next time, a very sleepy and very drained,