4 Steps To Finding Your Bliss

When I had to name my online course, I tried to think of a word that encompasses a feeling of pure happiness. A few came to mind: Zen, Calm, Flow, Abundance, Balance.

Then it came to me. BLISS

Bliss is a word that makes me feel all the good feelings.

And I settled on BUSY TO BLISS.

4 Steps To Finding Your Bliss

When it comes to empowering busy women to prioritize their self-care by teaching them how to reclaim their time, energy, and well-being, I have a 4-Step Busy To Bliss Method based on my life’s work of 20 years helping women.

This tried-and-true method not only show you exactly how to achieve abundance, calm, and balance in your life, but when followed step-by-step, teaches you self-care strategies and time-management strategies to restore and re-energize for the long term so you can avoid burnout, and live in a state of optimal health and well-being.

Here we are…

4 Steps To Finding Your Bliss:

1. Mindset

The first step to finding our bliss is to get our mind open and ready to do the work. We can’t begin to transform our lives if our mindset isn’t ready. It’s about choosing the right strategies and practices so you can consciously choose and cultivate an abundance mindset over a scarcity mindset.

A person with an abundance mindset focuses on the limitless opportunities available for them in life (and business). They choose to focus on the positive things in their life rather than the negative things. People with an abundance mindset are more grateful, more creative and more focused on collaboration. Abundance energy is what opens doors and makes people and things show up for you.

A simple example of the differences between a fixed and abundant mindset is:

  • A Fixed Mindset often plays “the victim,” with a “Why is this happening to me?” mentality.
  • The Abundance Mindset is ‘In the drivers seat” with a “What is this trying to teach me?” mentality.

See the difference?

When you can cultivate an abundance mindset, you can start to rewire your brain for more joy, you can begin to set boundaries and learn how to make decisions that are good for you. You can also start overcoming your limiting beliefs.

MINDSET IS POWERFUL. And before you move your body or meditate or do anything for bliss-seeking, your mindset is the first step to work on.

2. Energy & Well-Being

Once we’ve worked on our mindset, then we can begin to put our self-care back on our priority list and start making our health a priority. Once you feel worthy and deserving, you will start treating your body like the temple it is. By taking a closer look at the 4 pillars of wellness: what you EAT, how you MOVE, how you SLEEP, and how you MANAGE STRESS, you can develop specific strategies to improve your overall vitality and energy!

3. Time Management 

The third step to finding our bliss is learning how to effectively time-manage our days. Yes, after we’ve worked on our MINDSET (step 1), then BODY (step 2), and once those two come into alignment and connect (hence mind-body connection), then we can start to reclaim our time. We can start time-blocking our to-do-list, unitasking, and identifying our specific time management blocks so that we can create a plan to do the things that are most important to us and say no to what isn’t. We can start embracing the hour of power (in the mornings), learn how to unplug in ways that work for us, manage the noise, and yet still feel free, calm and in control of our days.

4. Transformation 

Once we have reclaimed our time and energy, we want to make sure our transformation lasts moving forward. This is where we set up our transformation toolbox. Step 4 is all about forming new habits (it takes about 21 days to form a new habit and about 66 days up to 6 months for it to become more automatic). This is because if you look at a person’s daily routines and actions, you’ll likely be able to tell a lot about their health, wealth, and happiness. Habits are the key to your well-being and happiness in life. Step 4 is where we make the good habits stick, and turn them into a consistent practice, one that you can maintain moving forward. The changes will be real, and you’ll see them start to pay off.

And there you have it! The 4 steps to finding your bliss! If I can help you find your bliss at any time, I am here for you to support you on your road to growth and transformation. You can simply visit EricaDiamond.com.coaching, for more info. You can also put your name on the BUSY TO BLISS waitlist (to get notified when doors open in May).

I am here as your cheerleader, coach and accountability partner wanting you to be living your bliss on your terms. I am SO HERE FOR IT!

Happy Motivation Monday,

4 Steps To Finding Your Bliss

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