This Friday marks the closing of another chapter– kindergarten graduation and 4th grade completion. What a wonderful school year it’s been. The boys have grown, thrived, overcome challenges, and are what I can call “mensches” in the true sense of the word. All that to say, I don’t know about you, but I am DONE with this school year. I am over homework, making lunches, packing backpacks and being the full-time CCO (Chief Cheerleading Officer). It takes a shitload of EVERYTHING to raise happy kids.

In fact, the moms I have been speaking to this week are feeling it too — “burnt toast” is what one called herself, kinda just like moi! The end is in sight, and I’m ready.

You know it’s the end of the school year when…

  • You haven’t signed the homework book in 3 weeks. Really. In fact, come to think of it, your kid hasn’t done ANY homework in 3 weeks! Gee, I wonder if if he’s even HAD homework.
  • Your kids are still outside playing basketball in the driveway at 8:30 at night (when kindergarten bedtime was 7:30), cuz really, who has the energy to fight anymore in June?
  • Your son’s desk area looks like it’s been hit by a cyclone, and instead of cleaning it, you just laugh.
  • You’re making school lunches at night and whoops, you forgot to buy the vegetables! Oh well, they’ll just deal without vegetable the next day. You aren’t running out at 8 ‘oclock at night anymore to buy carrots. No, not June 15th.
  • You’re about to be late for carpool pickup because you’ve had to hit the “panic” button on your car key 7 times because you can’t remember where you parked.
  • You’re not sleeping at night ‘cuz your baby is leaving home for the first time this summer and you’re excited for him, but you’re nervous too.
  • The school uniform now looks too small, but you figure, ahhh, only a few more weeks left. Really, it’s not about getting to school looking prim and proper anymore, it’s just about GETTING to school at this point.
  • Your son starts micromanaging YOU.
  • Your husband tells you he’s gonna find a mistress if you say you’re too tired for sex one more time. Heck aren’t all moms feeling tired now? 😉
  • When you hear the sound of your own voice, you don’t recognize the person talking, you’re THAT wacko.

Soooo, I think it’s fair to say I am welcoming the end of school with open arms. 😉


Would love to know if you are too.

Love and hugs,