5 Work-life Balance Survival Tips for Women

This week’s Global TV segment is for ALL the ladies. All of us could go the extra mile, and strive for more balance, more harmony, more calm in our lives. The root to everything happy and healthy around you, stems from YOU. You either radiate beauty and light, or you radiate negativity, bitterness and resentment. Working on yourself is the first step to getting off the fence and thriving in life.

Here is this week’s segment.

Since a five minute segment is difficult to pack in the over FIFTY worklife balance tips I have for you, I have written out the 5 to completeness below. There are so many more, and I will expand one day in another post.

But here are 5 Work-life Balance Survival Tips:

1. The Magic Ingredient To Work-life Balance: SELF CARE. The Moment You Start To Neglect Yourself, The Ship Will Begin To Sink


What do they say on the airplane again ? PUT THE OXYGEN MASK ON YOURSELF BEFORE YOUR CHILD!

Life can take its toll on all of us, it can be physically and emotionally exhausting and take much out of you. All the running, all the planning, making sure you have the proper systems and people in place to be successful. You also have demands at home and the office. A significant other, kids, parents to care for….. all of the above? All of these intense demands placed upon ourselves have put us last on our to-do lists. This is a grave mistake. It’s normal for it to happen, but I urge you to put yourself back on your priority list. After all, if you’re don’t care for yourself, you will have a hard time caring for those around you.

You MUST find the time to do the things you love. Revisit them and don’t forget about them. It’s about doing what you enjoy – for your health! For your serotonin and endorphin levels!

THE QUESTION TO ASK YOURSELF IS: WHAT IS SELF CARE FOR ME? Is it a walk outside, a hot bath, a massage or manicure, a girls night out, the gym, going to bed early? You must schedule a little time for yourself DAILY. My rule of thumb is 20-60 minutes per day. Yes, EVERY DAY.

You may have heard of the Slow Movement, which challenges the canard that faster is always better. You don’t have to ditch your career, toss the iPhone or join a commune to take part. Living “Slow” just means doing everything at the right speed—quickly, slowly, or at whatever pace delivers the best results, so there’s time left over for YOU.

2. The Art of the Forbidden Word “NO!” Keep Saying “Yes” and You Shall Turn Into A Human Pretzel


I recently wrote an article for Huff Po called MISSING OUT. How I missed out on the C2MTL conference and said NO, and oh WHAT A RELIEF.

As working women, as moms, as single moms, as wives, as friends, we’re pulled every day in a thousand different directions. I’m not saying we don’t have responsibilities we are unable to escape in our daily lives. All I’m saying is, if you feel like your plate is already full, now isn’t the time to pack more on it. And saying no takes practice. Saying no to friends, no to husbands, no to clients, no to employees, no to charities, no to someone asking you for a loan, no to a bothersome person, no to an incredible opportunity…because now just may not be the ideal time for you.

So, if you feel like you’re becoming a human pretzel, just a few words of advice. In balancing life, you are not going to be able to say yes to everyone and everything. You’re just not. So get it out of your head that you can do everything and be everywhere. Something’s gotta give.

A few tips on how to say no, because saying no has everything to do with work/balance….

  • Think back to a time when you were turned down or rejected yourself. Did you die from it? Of course you survived it! Don’t assume you’re going to inflict serious harm by saying no to someone. “No’s” are a part of everyday life. Take it all in stride. If you do, you’ll be more easily able to say no to others, which means YES to yourself. What’s your human pretzel threshold? Are you there yet?
  • Don’t instinctively say yes. Think it out first. It’s okay not to answer on the spot. How about something like, “Can I think it over and get back to you?” If anything, you sound more mature, professional, and if it really ends up being a no, the “no” will sound like a better, more thought out no.
  • And finally, if you do say yes, and then you feel resentment or are complaining about it after the fact, it means you SHOULD HAVE SAID NO! So, say NO, and let it be guilt free

3. Let’s start by listening to the new research that says one of the secrets to thriving is to become a morning person


When your alarm goes off in the morning, do you snooze or do you wake immediately? Or perhaps a more appropriate question… HOW MANY TIMES do you hit the snooze button? Truth.

New research has been released (led by Laura Vanderkam) which will make my friends (hopefully) stop making fun of me. According to this new research, early risers aren’t just nicer to be around in the morning, they’re also happier, healthier, more self-satisfied, even experience more career success than the rest of the population. (Forbes Magazine)

Research indicates that the tasks that require self-discipline, such as working out, getting through annoying paperwork, returning emails, or crossing things off your to-do list, are simply better done in the morning. Morning people are said to be more optimistic. Morning people are also known to use more positive words, such as “awesome” or “super.”

While the world sleeps, getting more done in the morning is a beautiful thing, and I am living proof. Waking early actually DECREASES my stress level and anxiety for the day. It allows me to start my day in a much slower, more steady pace. It allows me to enjoy the moments more. When I wake early, I catch up on emails, grab a coffee, read the paper, it’s quiet, I have time to myself, and it literally feels like a gift. I encourage you at home to try it.

I have subscribed to this lifestyle for over 20 years now, and I can tell you, it works.

To read more about the benefits of early rising, click here.

4. Remember that LIFE IS A CHOICE and that choice is always YOURS


Can’t hack working 5 days a week? Consider taking a pay cut and working four days if this is financially possible for you. Exhausted cleaning your house ’till midnight? Consider cutting yourself some slack and leaving the toys out until tomorrow. It’s called making choices to thrive.

5. Meditation


Meditation has changed my life… it is one of the secrets to my optimal work-life balance. Here I tell you how to meditate in 9 simple steps –> http://ericadiamond.com/2012/08/24/the-secret-to-fighting-stress-anxiety-and-overwhelm/
It has changed my life and made me feel so much more balanced.

That is it for now! I’d love to know… what are YOUR work-life balance survival tips? Do you think balance is even possible? Please share with our readers.


  1. These are outstanding tips. I would like to add that exercising and eating well have helped me maintain proper balance in my life.

  2. I think the balance is always shifting, depending on what you have going on in your life. Work and personal pursuits take over as priorities at different times, depending on where the panic is at that moment 🙂

  3. The tips are really useful, especially in today’s society,where competition are so fierce. And I will do as what you suggest. I think the life will be better.

  4. The tips are really useful… But what comes to my mind is that why is it harder for women to strike a work – life balance than it is for men? I’d like to share a blog on the same subject which has some great insights and is a must read.. http://bit.ly/1aY4gHf

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