Coffee Talk With Erica Diamond: Fifty Shades of Grey

So, today I decided to step away from the computer, and to your local YouTube channel. It was time. Today, I’m in a bun, glasses, no makeup, and sipping coffee with you on my deck… a.k.a my summer office.

I asked you on Twitter what you wanted to chat about in today’s vlog, and it seems many of you want to discuss Fifty Shades of Grey, and who Universal should cast as the leading man, Christian Grey. This week, it was speculated that the top two contenders for the role are Ryan Gosling (The Notebook) and Ian Somerhalder (Vampire Diaries).

Coffee Talk With Erica Diamond: Fifty Shades of Grey
Ryan Gosling
Coffee Talk With Erica Diamond: Fifty Shades of Grey
Ian Somerhalder

So, here you have it. My top pick. And I’m NOT on the fence.

Here was that interview with Ryan Seacrest that sealed the deal for me.

Tell us below, who should play Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie?


  1. I would prefer to see an unknown for this role. Although I think Ian would be an ideal Christian I would like to see someone who has no attachment to ANY other role for this one. After reading the trilogy I am not even sure if I would like to see the movie – however, that said, I still probably would just out of curiosity – how can they make this a move that is not XXXXXXXX rated?!?!

    1. Lesley I agree with you. I think it should be an unknown actor. Although after watching this video with Ian Somerhalder he is quite the cutie.

  2. It isn’t that Ian Somerhalder is unattractive to me but there is something about him that just doesn’t DO IT for me. I will be highly disappointed if they cast him because he just isn’t what I have in mind. I, too would prefer to see an unknown but if it has to be someone already famous, I would go for Alexander Skarsgard. Google the new Calvin Klein fragrance and you will see none other than CHRISTIAN GREY staring back at you!!

  3. Very happy to see this. This interview was wonderful for me as well. As far as other opinions, of course everyone will have them. But please, no True Blood characters or anyone else we see everywhere we look. Skarsgard or Gosling do not exhibit any of the characteristics that Ana perseverates on in the book over and over…i.e. how he is incredibly beautiful, how his eyes are stunning (nothing beats somerhalders), the glare and stare and the smolder. No one can deny that Ian Somerhalder has these down pat! And dont get me wrong, I think Skarsgard is great for his role on True Blood, but he is not for this role. AT ALL>
    The upside to today was that EL James was quoted in an article earlier saying that no Twilight cast members will be casted for the movie. So no Rob or Kristen, thank the lord!!!!! So that debate is dead and burried. She exclaims that she has 4 men in mind that she is considering. lets hope they are not, Skarsgard, Gosling, Matt Bomer, Chris Pine, Channing Tatum or any other actor you see everywhere!!! If she decides not to go with Somerhalder, I hope she chooses someone we dont know. An unknown for Ana would be ideal as well. Some of the suggestions from people are rediculous. Someone else wrote Brad Pitt, what a joke. At the end of the day, Im thankful EL James has made the deal that she is in charge of who is picked. Lets hope its a goodie!!!

  4. ps. has anyone started that new trilogy that EL James has recommended reading? If you are interested please respond and I will give you the name of the book. Its good as well.

  5. RYAN Gosling all the way, he is christian Grey. while ive been reading the book ive been picturing him already so please make it even better for me lol it just has to be him, he is sooo fit and he has Mr Greys streek in him anyways

  6. It has to be Jenson Ackles.. he is bad boy personified. please check him out. He already has the perfect look and attitude… You won’t regret looking this guy up. He is Dean on Supernatural on the CW.

  7. 3rd choice is Matt Bomer, Ian Somerhalder is my second choice. # 1 on our list to play Christian is Henry Cavill from Tudors…check him out. He’s Grey personified!! Pls pls pls I hope Ryan Gosling is not cast as Christian Grey…he’s a great actor but he’s all wrong for the part, IMHO. However, it would be wonderful if Ms E L James is able to cast 2 unknowns as Ana and Christian…

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