How To Join The Women’s Entrepreneurial Club

How To Join The Women’s Entrepreneurial Club

I was recently called upon as one of “America’s Ultimate Experts” to share my advice for budding female entrepreneurs in the latest issue of Woman’s World Magazine. That issue hit newsstands yesterday.

If you are a woman thinking of starting your own business, here are some helpful tips and advice from some top experts.

Entrepreneurship is not an easy journey. It is one of great sacrifice, hardship and frustration. It is also one of great reward, possibility and freedom. Something to ponder…

How To Join The Women’s Entrepreneurial Club

I would love your feedback.

We’re also going to try a few things today…

If you are a savvy entrepreneur or mompreneur, what are YOUR greatest tips? Share them with our community. Help out some of the newbies starting their own businesses. The world needs more women leading the way! 

ALSO, if you are a woman entrepreneur, I would be thrilled for you to share your business with us today, right here, with our many readers. Go ahead, promote yourself and tell us why you, your website, your product or service great! Your online networking begins NOW!

Happy Weekend. 😉


  1. This looks great Erica. Nice article and nice idea to let women share what they are doing. Have a good weekend.

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  3. I think a tip that I’d share that I’ve learned would be to approach your venture with persistence, patience and perseverance, while keeping your long-term goal in mind. It won’t happen overnight – and you’ll encounter setbacks – but if you work consistently at it, every day, you will move towards your goal.

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    Thank you for the opportunity to share our business with you and your readers, Erica!

  4. I’m publisher/editor of, an online lifestyle and parenting magazine for moms ~ it’s another world when you’re a mom, but you’re still a woman! Don’t forget you who are just because you have kids. Great resource for women with kids. Thanks Erica!

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    1. Didn’t realize I was allowed to include links ; )

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  6. Thx for the opportunity Erica! I’m a founder of a new online dating and matchmaking website – We address the concerns and fears of online dating by tapping into your social and personal community of family, friends and connections to help recommend, validate and introduce potential matches to singles through mutual connections. It’s old-fashioned matchmaking done online!
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  7. Alright. I’ll share! 🙂

    Online community leader here. Swing Dynamite is a small family business consisting of my daughter, her boyfriend and me. We teach all forms of Swing Dancing and we also compete and perform. We host a weekly swing dance as well where all the three of us DJ. It is a lot of fun!

    So, if you ever find yourself in Ottawa, ON, come and check us out. Good times guaranteed!

    You can find more about us here:

    Thanks for the opportunity to share what we do. It is a great idea.

  8. I think my greatest tip is that female small business owners shouldn’t feel guilty asking for help in their homes or in their businesses. There is no way any one person can do everything on their own.

    I offer free 20 minute strategy sessions to help busy ladies learn to delegate more effectively and find the bottleneck in their business or discuss issues with their current teams.

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    Thank you again, Erica! We sincerely appreciate it!

  10. Hi Erica, After a wonderful 20+ years in corporate, having traveled extensively, and with an MBA I transitioned into something that I felt I always was at heart – an entrepreneur. I launched my own jewelry design co. It may sound cliché to some but the essence of what I do is plant a seed and watch it grow. I’ve come across the most amazing women in my work and have enjoyed hearing their stories. Beyond marketing an eclectic range of statement pieces, my namesake, Danyka Collection is a business that strives to celebrate women who may not know they are strong, many not know they are great. Our recognition programs are centered on that and building the business from the ground up is more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. I am now officially off the fence.

  11. Hi Erica
    Thank you for the opportunity to share our businesses.

    I am a CPA, an Intuit QuickBooks ProAdvisor, and owner of Beach Cities Accounting ( I have over 20 years of accounting and business consulting experience. In last six years I’ve provided accounting services to small businesses and nonprofit organizations on a part time basis.

    In Dec 2011, I decided to launch myself back into my career and businesses full time. In May 2012, I won a small business Pitch Party organized by Count Me In (a nonprofit organization out of NYC and underwritten by Sam’s Club – Sam’s sponsored the event with a $750k check to Count Me In).

    My clients root for my success because I believe in giving back to my clients and to my community. I go above and beyond to help my client’s succeed and reach their maximum profit potential. As one client emailed me after our initial meeting, “I really appreciate and value your insights that you provided yesterday to me, regarding my business. I experience you as a positive influencer and motivator, and am deeply grateful for those strengths you shared.” Another client invited me to join their Board of Directors after the positive contributions that I brought to the table.

    I love accounting and helping small businesses understand their financials. I fully appreciate the fact that some business owners would rather have a root canal than do their accounting. I strongly believe that business owners need to concentrate on what they are good at (i.e., building their business) and they should outsource the areas that are easily outsourced such as accounting services.

    I have loved working with women owned businesses and I recently launched Super Women 4 Women Entrepreneurs ( . It’s a networking group located in the South Bay (near Los Angeles, CA). Our goal is to help each other reach new heights in our businesses. We will climb the mountain of success together.

  12. Love the tips! Thanks for continuing to inspire us all!

    I’m Liz, the owner of Liz & Ett {Chic Adaptive Essentials}™ and I design specialized apparel & accessories for the stylish patient. My first product, the SmockFrock™, is a protective dress that anyone can wear to keep their clothes clean. Would love to get your feedback!

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  15. Love this article! I own a new day spa that is also mobile! We focus on making a lot of our own product or discovering brands to offer to our clients that are truly non toxic.

  16. I have jumped off the fence with the intention of one thing….Providing women (yes, all women) beautiful portraits of themselves…Portraits that will not only serve as a legacy of the woman in the photo, but provide a memorable, luxury exprerience for all visitors to my studio…An experience, a fabulous memory, where every woman can feel (truly FEEL) pretty.

    Most women do not have a single photo of themselves that they like…much less love. Us women are typically the ones behind the camera and as a result, do not have many images of ourselves. And sadly, if we do, they have been taken by our husbands (bless them) but they are really not that flattering. Beyond the amazing experience at The Pretty Room, I want to provide women with a tangible image that reflects each woman at their very, very best.

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    Wish me luck…xoxoxo

    You can see my vision here

    Hugs to you Erica. I bought your book and I love what you have shared. xox

  17. Great article and great tips. I own a menu planning website that helps families take the stress out of menu planning. It also helps you with your budgeting. We price every ingredient in every recipe every week. You’ll know what you’re going to spend before you ever go to the grocery store! Check out to see this week’s recipes.

    Thank you Erica!

  18. I just love reading what other women are doing as everyone has such great ideas and their own style of business!

    I am the founder/CEO of Creative Minds Publications and Consulting, a global educational company that promotes quality literacy instruction for all children. We develop and market engaging and educational children’s literature as well as professional books, all written by teachers. Having taught in Title I/inner city elementary schools, I know exactly what successful strategies are needed to teach reading; I travel throughout the nation sharing my work with children, parents, and schools.

  19. Erica,
    Congratulations on your inclusion in this great article! It’s very inspiring,& sure to help a lot of women make the decision to take the plunge into entrepreneurship!

    Honestly,I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t an entrepreneur,though I had no idea that’s what it was called, when I was a kid! Starting a babysitting service at 11,picking fruit & vegetables,making & selling art & jewelry,singing for events,you name it, I did it!

    I was one of the fortunate few given the privilege of spending time with my grandparents growing up! Though I didn’t realize it,they were all independent business owners! None had storefronts per se,so I guess I just saw them as free spirits,& wanted to be just like them! As entrepreneurs,my inclusion in their daily activities was just one of necessity,rather than some grand design. They had to go about their business,& since I was there,I was integrated into the process! I credit those experiences with shaping my attitudes,& laying the foundation for a lifetime of self determination,& self employment!If I wanted something,I was taught how to work to achieve it!

    I’ve been a Nail Professional for 27 years,a visual artist,jewelry designer,writer,& a singer my entire life. Though I’ve only recently begun building a site to promote my nail biz,starting my singing career over 4 years ago,at 50,was something entirely different! A web presence has been essential in getting the word out!

    Thank you all for the inspiration! Keep up the great work! Inspiring others to follow their dreams,despite the pressures of our society to fit into some sort of predetermined little box,is one of the things that helps keep me going! Finding out there’s wonderful women doing just that,is so encouraging!

    All the best,
    Lucy Hammond-Singer/Songwriter/Mother/Lover/Friend/Writer/Entrepreneur/Artist/Nail Professional

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