Wordless Wednesday: WOULD YOU DO THIS?

So, today I’d like to know if you think I need my head examined… if you think I’m Fifty Shades of CRAZY!

This weekend is Grand Prix weekend in Montreal. I gotta say, it’s one of my favorite weekends. The city ignites with action, celebs, hot nights, and fun. A few weeks ago, my husband received two tickets for this Saturday night, to a “special and extravagant” evening. Yes, it’s about $1500 to eat dinner a few hundred feet off the ground, and it’s called “DINNER IN THE SKY.” Shit, I’m woozy just writing it.

So as it stands now, we are supposed to have dinner this Saturday night suspended in the air, overlooking the beautiful city. Check out these photos.

Wordless Wednesday: WOULD YOU DO THIS?

Wordless Wednesday: WOULD YOU DO THIS?

Wordless Wednesday: WOULD YOU DO THIS?

Wordless Wednesday: WOULD YOU DO THIS?

Here’s the ‘On The Fence’ Q of the day: GO or SKIP? Once in a lifetime cool opportunity, or two crazies playing Russian Roulette with their lives? (You should know my husband is totally out. I think his words were, “No chance in hell.”)



  1. Hell to the no. My palms are tingling and sweating just looking at those pictures. But maybe you’re not a fraidy cat when it comes to heights.

  2. I would like to add for the record, my husband DOES NOT WANT TO GO. In fact, he may have already cancelled. It’s me who is trying to convince him that maybe it’s fun.

  3. First thing I thought was “wow, that’s high” and “taking a bathroom break is out of the question ” 🙂 It looks like it would be a great chance to experience something new, so I would definitely do it!

    I’ve never heard of something like this. Can’t wait to hear your decision!

  4. I say go. How often do you have to have an experience like this in life? It’ll make a good story for sure. 🙂

  5. So, my mom just emailed me… “What if you have to go to the bathroom or someone is sick?”

    Good point, Mom!

  6. Do it! Bon appetit! You fly in planes, drive a bit too fast, walk under scaffolds & ride roller coasters. When you look at the pictures, do you expand or contract? There’s your answer.

  7. No flippin’ way!!! My first thought was how screwed you are if you need to use the potty, lol!
    I of course am the person who does not ride roller coasters so I see no point and have no desire to eat at 1500 feet above ground while being strapped into my dinner seat.

  8. Even though it’s once in a lifetime and it’s exciting, I could not do it. Last year I took the kids on a ride called Skydrive at 6 flags and was hoisted 175 feet up in the air by a cable attached to my back and then dropped. My kids loved it and I shut my eyes and yelled the F word for the whole time and prayed I would survive. It was exciting… but I would never do it again. Too scary,,, If you don’t like heights, don’t do it!

  9. Do it!!!!! It’s a once in a lifetime thing that you will regret missing. There must be safety precautions taken (like seat belts) since I’ve never heard of anyone dying while dining. Just remember to go pee before you climb on board, lol!

  10. Hi Erica! I just loved your Wordless Wednesday Post for today! I loved your pics, I am so lucky to live in this beautiful city of Montreal! Yes, I would totally do it!!!

  11. wow! don’t know if I could just sit still on my chair for the whole time, but it sure sounds like a fun thing to do. and I guess wearing a shoe with a strap would probably be a good idea, or go barefoot:)
    and you need a bunch of trust in the technical stuff. my huby thought this was a joke and for now money on earth would he go up there. curious to hear about your adventure, enjoy!

  12. Erica, this is your father speaking. Hell no! You are the mother of my grandsons. They need their parents. Besides i love you too and i am not comfortable with you flying high in the sky sipping wine. I’m with Hilly. We are both chicken and proud of it!

  13. Hell yes!

    If you already have the two tickets sent to you, why not? =)

    You may not be able to eat or keep your food down though but at least u’ve got beautiful view of the city!

    F1 weekend is most exciting for us too! All weekend of fun – fast and furious! Driving down from Ottawa tom!


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