It’s Ok To Be Both

It's Ok To Be Both

Fueled by coffee and passion this morning.

Girls, it’s ok to be both.

It’s okay to channel both.

It’s okay to be girl powerFUL ? and zen at the same time.

It’s ok to be classy and sexy as hell.

It’s ok to be both.

It’s ok to be 50% DEEPAK and 50% TUPAC.

It’s ok to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress.

It’s ok to be both.

It’s ok to be vulnerable and strong.

It’s ok to be tough and sensitive.

It’s ok to be both.

You can embrace both sides of yourself. You don’t have to choose one and be ONLY that person.

You can and should be complex and deep and interesting and challenge the status quo.

Happy 11th Blogiversary, today Around here, we know we can be both. We can grow while exploring the dualities of ourselves.

Around here, we are free to be you and me.

Thank you for the gift of another year. I love you,

It's Ok To Be Both

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