I was thrilled to be interviewed on Thread MB a few weeks ago.

Here is a teaser, and click on the link below to read the full interview.

Erica Diamond: Jumping Off The Fence And Into Something Hot


She’s every woman’s friend — a mom and blogger who believes that “supporting each other” is both natural and expected.  She’s Erica Diamond, aka Women on the Fence, a blogging and entrepreneurial success story whose words are just as genuine as her enormous heart.

No, the lady ain’t fake. Nor is she stupid. What drives Erica Diamond to do what she does is her deep-seeded belief that “all women should be each other’s biggest fans.”

Naive? No….Erica is ‘right on the money’ in my opinion. Believing anything else is much too costly for the female population, our nation, and the world.  We can’t expect a unified globe if we, ourselves, can’t get it together!  “It’s absurd,” as the role of “peacemaker” begins with women, then travels outward — to those we influence and the families we rear.  The fact that Erica Diamond recognizes this makes her a gem to discover, as well as a blogger and entrepreneur to get to know.  Enjoy doing so below.

Click here to read full interview.