Tuesday’s Tune Up: Push Your Rock

I have to thank my good friend for forwarding this to me. It effected me quite deeply.

I follow Yehuda Berg (leader of The Kaballah Centre) on Twitter as I enjoy his tweets, but other than that, I have zero affiliation to any Kabbalist movement. In fact, depsite being a Jewish woman, there is little that I know about Kabbalah other than the fact that Madonna and Demi Moore are students.

Tuesday's Tune Up: Push Your Rock

Today is about simplicity. Today is about turning you on to a concept that perhaps you never gave any thought to. Today is about getting you unstuck, and off the fence, in a more spiritual way.

Here is Tuesday’s Tune Up from Yehuda Berg. I told him I would be sharing it with my readers.

Push Your Rock

There once was a man who had a huge desire to please God, so he prayed day and night until one day a Voice spoke to him, “I want you to go and push a rock.”

Tuesday's Tune Up: Push Your Rock

The man woke up the next morning elated, and ran outside to find a huge boulder. He began pushing it, but nothing happened, so he kept at it all day. The next day he did the same, yet it still didn’t budge an inch. He went on like that for three months, until one day he got so frustrated that he stopped pushing.

That night he had a dream, and the Voice asked him, “Why did you stop pushing?” “Nothing happened,” he answered. “Nothing happened? Look at you! Look how determined and focused you’ve become. Look how powerful your muscles are now. You’re no longer the person you were when you started.

Besides, I didn’t tell you to move the rock; I told you to push it. I’ll move the rock when it’s time.”

Keep pushing your rock. It’ll move at the right moment, in the perfect time, when you least expect it. And amazing things are happening, even if you’re not noticing them yet.

Do you believe this? Would you be open to believing this? I’d love your feedback.


  1. I loved this and yes I absolutely believe in this. Things happen as they are meant to happen. All we can do is work as hard as we can and then hope for the best. I have never heard of Yehuda Berg and will check him out.

  2. This is all about small improvements leading to bigger things. Every day we should push and push a little harder and when that moment is right, it’s either meant to be or not. I believe this too.

  3. Great article. It does seem at times we are spinning our wheels and not getting anywhere…or like in your article – pushing the rock and not moving it. But eventually we make a difference…even when we don’t notice it.

    1. Yes! I have felt many times in my life that I was doing the work, but not getting anywhere. Kinda like a rat on a wheel. And then suddenly, after TIME, all the hard work somehow pays off. But it really does take TIME AND EFFORT. You need to push and push and push that rock before you can really move it. It’s a concept I could relate to.

      I also thought it was a good lesson in surrendering. Like Oprah says, you put it out into the universe, work it, and then surrender. It will happen if it is supposed to. It’s a concept of trust and not many people have trust in the universe.

      Does that make sense?

  4. Yes! I love this idea. Like today when I have a bunch of ‘little things’ to do (laundry, the bank deposit, picking up small furniture) and while they don’t seem to have meaning, I can’t see the bigger picture, so I don’t know the true value of what I do. That’s why it’s nice to believe in an all-knowing, omnipresent God. I know that somebody else can see my purpose and my value, my growth and achievements– who knows, it may be more than just clean clothes and a fuller bank account. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I’m so glad you all enjoyed. Quite simple of a concept. Quite complex to implement.. to have the faith. 😉

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