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In keeping with the spirit of Wordless Wednesday, I will keep it short, and Wordlessly.

When I read the headline yesterday, “Misty Copeland Becomes First Black Principal Dancer At American Ballet Theater,” I swear to G-d, I teared up. After 14 years as a soloist with the ballet company, Misty can now add principal dancer to her resume. If you are familiar with Misty’s story, you might tear up too. A story of tremendous struggle, poverty, extreme hard work and dedication to her craft, years of believing in herself, and total triumph.

Misty Copeland is making HERSTORY. And Misty Copeland is my SHERO.

If you haven’t seen this Under Armour commercial yet, watch it. Misty’s actual rejection letter is being read.

For more on Misty’s story, watch her 60 Minutes Interview. It blew me away: 

As a former ballet dancer and ballet teacher myself, but one who never made it anywhere close to Misty Copeland, these are my favorite human interest stories to showcase. These stories must be celebrated.

Happy Canada Day, my fellow Canadians! We are lucky to be living in the greatest country in the world. Healthcare, gun control, and warm people, for starters. 🙂