Wordless Wednesday: Is Red Meat Really Killing Us?

Wordless Wednesday: Is Red Meat Really Killing Us?

Unless you have been living under a rock, there is no doubt you have heard about this week’s published findings from a long-term study on red meat. Apparently red meat is going to kill us. Yup, I’m serious. The findings are quite frightening.

The headlines: “Red Meat Consumption Linked to Early Death

See for yourself:

“A new study indicates that eating unprocessed red meat (hamburger, pork, roast beef, lamb) and processed meats (bacon, hot dogs, bologna, sausage) may increase a person’s risk of premature death and raise their risk of death from heart disease and cancer says the study’s lead author, An Pan of the Harvard School of Public Health.” (Montreal Gazette)

“Small quantities of processed meat such as bacon, sausages or salami can increase the likelihood of dying early by a fifth. Researchers found in a 28 year study that regularly eating red meat, in particular processed meat, was associated with a significantly higher risk of dying prematurely- 13% increase in death risk for unprocessed meat, and 20% for processed meats.” (The Daily Telegraph).

Now before you go have a cow (figuratively speaking), these studies were conducted on people eating small daily amounts. But still… worrisome. Researchers are suggesting chicken, fish and tofu as meat alternatives.

This is not a happy day for my family. My children eat a minimal food variety as it is. When they devour my hamburgers and spaghetti & meat sauce (about the only 2 things I know how to cook), I’m thrilled! It sure as hell beats grilled cheese, chicken nuggets, or noodles! So now, it’s as if I have completely run out of meal options.

I must admit, I am not shocked by the findings. I am a very healthy eater, and although I’m known to love a good juicy steak every now and then, it just doesn’t FEEL good for my arteries.

So, where do I stand? I have opted to stick to my life’s motto about everything: MODERATION.

What’s YOUR take? Are you on the fence? Do we take these studies with a grain of salt (which will also kill you, by the way?) What substitutes are out there if we choose to cut meat out of our diets? Will YOU stop eating meat? 

PS – After I read the article, I went to my local vegan store and bought this for dinner last night. It was to die for. Sweet potato soup, followed by tofu with noodles and vegetables, and bean quinoa. It was actually the best meal I’ve had in months. Something to ponder…

Wordless Wednesday: Is Red Meat Really Killing Us?

Again, I’d love to know where you stand?



  1. The results had me scared too but I agree with your stance on moderation. I am still going to eat my burgers I will just think twice before I eat them as frequently.

  2. Erica someone wrote something interesting on your facebook wall and asked who conducted the study. I don’t believe we can ever know take findings at face value without knowing who conducted them. That is just my opinion.

  3. I became a vegetarian 4 years ago and have never felt better. I don’t miss meat at all. The studies linking meat to colon cancer, heart disease, diabetes and others have been quite conclusive for years.

  4. I eat a vegan diet and really love it! The first month is really hard. You have to fight through it. After that it is amazing. I highly recommend trying it for 2 months to see what you think. 2 months is enough time to lose the cravings and start to really feel for yourself whether it works for you or not.

  5. I’m amazed at how many studies we’re constantly bombarded with. I have to stop eating margarine, stop eating rice, quit the wine & now hold off on my red meat. Seems we hear ‘it’s good/it’s bad’ all the time. Really? There is something to be said about diet & heathy eating (not to mention daily physical exercise). Everything in moderation, like you said. Give up our BBQ’d Rib Eye steaks & those hot dogs cooked over a fire pit while spending time with Grandpa…? No way, but maybe a few less this summer sounds about right.

  6. You definitely have me rethinking red meat.:( We eat a lot of chicken, and fish. But we do eat red meat here, and there (I’m thinking not so much now)… Thanks for this post. Looking forward to your future post:)…

  7. I actually gave up eating meat at the start of the year, for many reasons. My children on the other hand, still eat meat. Like your boys, they love hamburgers and steak. I’m in two minds about this as their growing bodies need iron,zink,protein etc. After reading your post I’m thinking even more about cutting meat out of their diet, but how do I substitute their Iron intake? Hmmm, really on the fence about this one…

  8. I would like to remind you all, I’m not a scientist nor a doctor. I’m just relaying this week’s news. I’m not sure we all need to panic and completely cut meat out of our diets. It is definitely something to think about and be mindful of, but don’t shoot the messenger! :))

  9. Okay, we raise cows. And please don’t stop feeding beef to your kids! You can’t find a better source of protein, zinc, B vitamins, selenium, iron, . . . . . ! The misinformation astounds me. This study was not a “cause and affect” study. The truly scary part is that we tend to replace meat with carbs, which I believe are the major cause of obesity today.

  10. Red meat is extremely toxic. It is also very hard for the human body to digest (up to 5 days and therefore rancid by the time it is digested) and the iron the body is therefore able to source from it is not as plentiful as people have been misled to believe. Don’t poison your children please.

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