Summer Blogging Slowdown


Girls, I am taking my annual July (sometimes into August) blogging slowdown. I do this every year for my mental wellbeing, and for the quality of this blog. It is my gift to myself. It is not easy to continuously keep things fresh, relevant and interesting, so every July, I relax my blogging brain, check in less frequently in order to come back recharged, refreshed, and ready to give you more.

I actually just spoke about this on this morning’s Global TV segment.

Over the next few weeks, I will be making an exciting announcement (and posting it here too), traveling for business, coachingspeaking at Blogher in Silicon Valley, working on an invention I have been creating for the past year, doing my weekly Global TV lifestyle and parenting segments, and RELAXING! I am also sticking to my annual business tradition:

  • June: A time of business idea generation and brainstorming. This involves a list that I create from scratch – a list that I make in Word consisting of about 5-10 business ideas / opportunities that are in my head, that I could potentially execute.
  • July: My marinating month. I just marinade all the ideas. I think about what feels right, what feels wrong.
  • August: I begin to execute in August.

I have found this summer strategy very effective, and you might wish to give it a try.


I wish you all a wonderful upcoming few weeks. I hope you find some time to yourself to reflect, and map out your goals. Summer is a great time to do that. Please consider this your time to catch up on “rerun” blog posts, as well. ;) I will be checking in sporadically, as well as on Twitter Instagram and Facebook, so come say hi over there too!

Have a beautiful July. See you soon,


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