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If You Didn’t Post It, Did It Really Happen?

If there has been one constant in my life over the past decade, it has been writing. Writing this blog, writing a book, writing speeches, writing TV segments each week, writing interview questions, writing proposals and pitches. Me, my keyboard and a cup of coffee have been my life for the past decade. So much so, that my kids often hand me their essays and say, “Here mom, can you proof read this?” And I never do… I want their words to be their own, not mine.

So when I attended a ‘lunch and learn’ on podcasting last week, and a lovely woman came up to me and said, “Erica, I have been a fan since day 1. I have been reading your blog for almost 10 years and I sense a shift. You aren’t writing as much as you used to.”

And I realized it’s starting to show.

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