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22 Things You Can Do To Boost Your Wellbeing While Social Distancing

Happy International Day of Happiness!

I know these days do not feel particularly happy, so I wanted to create a kind of happiness checklist for you. I wanted to share some activities and rituals you can do to boost morale, to boost your happiness and wellness quotient today and beyond.

Let’s get right to it:

Be social from a distance! My girlfriends are having morning coffee dates over FaceTime, happy hour over Zoom, and we had a block party on Sunday outside with everyone 6 feet away from each other. How about a FaceTime dinner party with another family? Keep the social connectedness to fight feelings of isolation. Check in with family and friends, virtually.

5 ‘Must-Have’ Mom Apps and ‘Must Listen To’ Mom Podcasts to Entertain and Inspire in 2020!

Yesterday morning on Global News, I shared 5 Great ‘Must-Have’ Mom Apps and ‘Must Listen To’ Mom Podcasts to Entertain and Inspire in 2020! We tell moms to put away their phones, but yesterday we offered ways to use it for enjoyment, pleasure and productivity.

Please feel free to let us know what podcasts you’re enjoying and what apps you’re using.

Also, stay tuned for a little announcement…

The Erica Diamond Podcast Is Here!

When something is the culmination of your life’s work of the past 20 years, you feel calm and in your sweet spot. Well, not entirely calm, but that’s how it feels to launch my new podcast on the first day of summer.

Welcome to The Erica Diamond Podcast. Getting you motivated and inspired by conversations with today’s thought leaders and coolest people. Each episode, get up close and personal with compelling guests who share stories and tips that empower you to live your best life. Now, let’s GET OFF THE FENCE!

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