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Spring Break Insights

On my 8-day spring break holiday, I have spent so much of it listening to podcasts. It’s funny, when I feel inspired, I listen to podcasts. When I feel uninspired, I listen to MORE podcasts. My favorite is listening to business shows. That might sound weird to you, but I have after all, started 3 businesses and sold one.

This morning on my meditative walk by the ocean, I wanted to share with you a few insights as to my learnings this week in podcast life:

Unplugging For A Digital Detox

I was back at my Wednesday morning home. But I will miss my Global TV viewers for the next two weeks! I will see everyone back Wednesday, March 18th. I am practicing what I preached this morning at 8:20am.

Kids going on spring break in March?

This morning I shared how to unplug and be a more present parent throughout Spring Break. We aren’t just seeing kids glued to their screens, parents are as well. To ensure the time we have with our kids this spring break is quality time, how can parents unplug?

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