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Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Raised Their Kids Tech-Free — And It Should Have Been a Red Flag

I guess we can call this one, #MediaMonday.

Happy Monday, ladies.

My girlfriend sent me this article this morning, and instead of re-writing the news in my own words, I thought Business Insider’s Allana Aktar did a fine job delivering it to us.

So, instead of writing about it myself, I opted simply to direct you to the article.

The news headline is the headline above.

It starts like this…

“Bill Gates, one of the most influential tech leaders in the world, limited how much technology his children could use at home. In 2007, Gates, the former CEO of Microsoft, implemented a cap on screen time when his daughter started developing an unhealthy attachment to a video game. He also didn’t let his kids get cell phones until they turned 14.”

KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid

It’s Thanksgiving and Feel Good Friday, so here goes:

My whole life, I have given my all. My motto was, “Why give 100% when you can give 110%?” But I realized in the process of giving 110, I often complicated things. Things sometimes get… convoluted. I’m so worried about doing a bad job, that I add and I add, often unnecessarily.

When I look back at the things that have worked best for me- they’ve been simple. Like, STUPID SIMPLE. And I don’t know why it took me so long to realize this.

So, KISS has become my life’s motto for EVERYTHING lately. Should we add this this and this? No! Keep it simple. That is why Steve Jobs was so successful- he wanted the iPhone to be dummy proof- make a smartphone anyone can figure out.

Steve Jobs Hired Me. I Said, No.

As you’ve probably heard, if you have not yet experienced it yourself, it’s not easy to power UP as a committed parent in the United States, where business and culture are so invested in rapid growth. It’s even harder in Silicon Valley, where every company is in a race to ship first and where, in large part, men with spouses who take the domestic lead, if not the entire burden, still write the rules of professional engagement.

One time I was about to be interviewed for a live technology news broadcast. It was minutes before we went on the air, and the reporter and I were seated in our chairs next to each other. The reporter noticed me jotting things down on a small notepad and asked if I was preparing my answers, reminding me that I could not read anything off my pad while filming. I showed him what I was writing. When he saw it he laughed. “I’ve never had anyone about to go on live TV writing their grocery list!” he said.

Maybe I was the first working mother he had as a guest. “It’s my next stop after your show,” I said. “When else am I going to write it?”

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