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World Kindness Day and The Most Meaningful Experience of My Life

This morning I had one of the most meaningful experiences of my entire life. I volunteered to teach yoga at a women’s shelter, and how coincidental on #WorldKindnessDay.

I worked with one woman in particular whose trust I was lucky enough to earn over the 60 minutes. These women are vulnerable, abused, neglected, most living in poverty. I helped her find her breath. Her breath was quick and shallow, and we were able to deepen it and slow it down. Tears streamed down her eyes as I gently stroked her arms and legs on the mat. I held her gently and told that her she is safe. To visualize inhaling love, kindness, peace into her body, and to exhale any tension or negative thoughts that aren’t serving her.

I hope I made her feel seen, heard, loved, appreciated, and safe. I kept it together while teaching, but the moment I walked out of the shelter, I honestly wasn’t able to hold it in. Tears started streaming down my cheeks too.

There are no words to describe the gift of connection I experienced this morning.

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