Happy Monday!

I’m back to work after a magnificent and life-changing 10 days in Israel. It was my husband’s first time, and my second time – the last being when I was just 15 years old. We experienced the rich culture, the yummy food and the wonderful sights. I took it all it. I was present in all moment. I am still thinking about it.

Here I am floating in the Dead Sea.

With my new book! That comes out tomorrow!

And speaking of my new book / nightstand journal, List Your Goals Journal: 100 Lists to Inspire and Motivate Your Growth, did you know that you are 42 percent more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down?

Writing your goals down not only forces you to get clear on what you want to accomplish, but the act of writing plays the part in motivating you to complete the tasks necessary for your success. In essence, journaling is extremely beneficial as a tool for your self-discovery and self-development

More specifically, journaling is more than self-expression, according to the research, it’s good for your health!

What are some of the short and long-term health benefits of putting that pen to paper to manifest your goals and dreams:

5 Benefits of Journaling:

1. Reduces stress

One of the ways to deal with any overwhelming emotion is to find a healthy way to express yourself. This makes a journal a helpful tool in managing your mental health. (University of Rochester).

2. Encourages a safe space for your negative thoughts

Journaling is a way of going on a retreat without leaving your home. It is a way to access and acknowledge past experiences that may be causing you pain and reintegrating them into your life so they become a part of you. It helps bring order to your deepest thoughts and fears and enables you to learn from the person who knows you best: you. (Psychology Today).

3. Keeps your memory sharp as you age

When you write things by hand, your brain processes it better and commits it to memory. Journaling helps keep your brain in tip-top shape. Not only does it boost memory and comprehension, it also increases working memory capacity, which may reflect improved cognitive processing. (Cambridge University)

4. Boosts your mood

Journaling about your feelings is linked to decreased mental distress. In a study, researchers found that those with various medical conditions and anxiety who wrote for 15 minutes, three days a week, over a 12-week period had increased feelings of well-being and fewer depressive symptoms after one month. (Web MD)

5. Helps you problem solve in your life

Writing down your thoughts and feelings about a situation is the first step in understanding how best to proceed. You can see where you’re struggling in black and white, and seeing those concerns, questions, and emotions on paper gives you a clearer picture of your needs and how best to proceed. It is more effective than living with a jumble of thoughts knocking around in your head. (Healthline)

I’m very grateful for the support of these amazing humans for my new journal.

If you’re ready to make meaningful changes in all aspects of your life: personal growth, professional growth, healthy habits, relationships, and well-being, then grab your copy of List Your Goals Journal on Amazon right here!

I can’t wait for you to dive in!

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