My DVR is programmed to record 60 Minutes every Sunday night. Sundays at 7PM, as it turns out, are never a good time to watch live, so I record it to watch at a more convenient time.

Yesterday I was feeling a little sluggish, so I got into bed at 3pm for a little 30 minute break before carpool. I turned on 60 Minutes.

I was blown away. I urge you to watch this from start to finish. It will be 10 minutes of your time well spent.

But what got me the most, what made the hairs on my arm stand up, was the part specifically from 1:10 – 2:30. Ed Bradley asks Craig Kielburger, founder of Free The Children, then only a child: Why you? Why would Craig start a movement at 12 years old to free child slaves, and encourage young people to achieve their fullest potential as agents of change? A 12 year old Craig looks around the room and answers, “Why me? Why NOT me?”

And it is this very moment that has stuck with me since yesterday.

Why you? Why NOT you? Remember this boy, and that attitude when trying to get off the fence in life, reach your goal, or chase your dreams.

I quote one of my favorites from Walt Disney, and I challenge us all to live by it.

Wisdom Wednesday: Why Me? Why NOT Me?

Why you?

Why NOT you.