Wordless Wednesday: No Working Mom Guilt

Wordless Wednesday: No Working Mom Guilt

Heels are packed. Gotta love cozy shoes for travel. Heading to #The6 for the day, home ce soir. Speaking on work life balance and I absolutely love my job. When I kissed my boys goodbye for school, they said, “Good luck mom, you’ll be great!” I’m proud they see me working at something I’m passionate about.

One time-management life hack I’ll share here: The Ideal Work-To-Break Ratio is 52 minutes of work, followed by 17 minutes of rest. Have you mastered this scientific brain productivity ratio?

People who have mastered this ratio will thrive more because the brain functions well in spurts of approximately one hour of high energy, followed by 15-20 minutes of rest or lower energy expenditure. Share it with your kids too entering the exam period.

Ciao for now.

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