Month: September 2011

Are Microwaves Safe?

Are Microwaves Safe?

If you’ve been a reader, this title may seem a little off. It’s not about sex, health, kids, marriage, friendship, career, or anything like that. But, I did promise to cover all the issues that we women sit on the fence about. And wow, am I on the fence here! If you’re a busy WOMAN- single, married, divorced, kids, no kids, most of you own a microwave. In fact, over 90% of American homes have microwave ovens. Not just to reheat a bottle, but what about to reheat a quick leftover dinner? To heat up soup for your daughter’s thermos for school lunches? To cook a lean cuisine, for crying out loud? (I’ve never had a lean cuisine in my life, but you get the point).

Time Management Tips: Following Through with Commitments on Limited Time

Time Management Tips: Following Through with Commitments on Limited Time

If you’re like me, your To-do list is longer than the day is long. Every morning I wake up and wonder how on earth I’m going to get everything done. Although four of my six kids (yes SIX kids) are now college age, for many years I was navigating six children’s schedules, my marriage, my writing career, and trying to maintain friendships. Needless to say, life was a tad hectic.

On Raising Boys...

On Raising Boys…

When I gave birth to my son, exactly 8 years ago this coming Friday, someone bought me a book called Mother To Son, by Melissa and Harry Harrison. The book was life lessons on how to raise a boy- something I knew nothing of.

Momsomnia: How To Beat Insomnia and Reclaim Rest

When my daughter was a year old, I experienced a sleep epiphany. After months of horrific night waking, she finally started clocking twelve solid hours each night. Meanwhile, I continued waking in the wee hours and fighting daytime fatigue at my full-time job. The delicious prize I’d looked forward to savoring—sweet, uninterrupted sleep—was still elusive.

Wordy Wednesday: An Evening To Remember

Wordy Wednesday: An Evening To Remember

Our speaker was Journalist Kati Marton, Acclaimed Humanitarian and Women’s Advocate. Her parents survived the Holocaust of World War II but never spoke about it. They served nearly two years in prison on false charges of espionage for the U.S., and Kati and her older sister were placed in the care of strangers. Raised a Roman Catholic, she learned much later in life and by accident that she was Jewish, and that her grandparents were Jews who were murdered at Auschwitz concentration camp.

Drink To Your Health With David's Tea

Drink To Your Health With David’s Tea

So it’s a rainy rainy Monday night here in Montreal. My husband is away on business. Kids are now asleep. And I have been wanting to tell you more about some of my favorite things. Finding the time has been the hard part! 🙂

In the midst of everything, I’m co-chairing a big charity benefit tomorrow evening for 600 women. And I feel like I’m getting sick. So I’m drinking my tea to stay well tonight. My David’s Tea.

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