So it’s a rainy rainy Monday night here in Montreal. My husband is away on business. Kids are now asleep. And I have been wanting to tell you more about some of my favorite things. Finding the time has been the hard part! 🙂

In the midst of everything, I’m co-chairing a big charity benefit tomorrow evening for 600 women. And I feel like I’m getting sick. So I’m drinking my tea to stay well tonight. My David’s Tea.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I often tweet about this company- @DavidsTea. Their beautiful store is just down the hill from my house, and I’m a regular visitor.

Drink To Your Health With David's Tea
David's Tea Store
Drink To Your Health With David's Tea
Display of Teas at David's Tea Store

If you’ve never heard of David’s Tea, this what they’re about…

“At DAVIDsTEA, we love bringing you the greatest loose-leaf teas from around the world. Our teas range from traditional straight teas to our exclusive blends and unique flavors. Our ongoing quest for the highest quality and most innovative blends doesn’t stop with tea leaves—we seek out the best spices, fruits, nuts, and herbs from every corner of the world. Our teas are fun, but our dedication is serious!

One of the main differences between loose leaf tea and bagged tea is the size of the tea leaves. Loose leaf tea is made of full or slightly broken leaves while bagged tea is made up of tea fannings, which are basically bits and pieces. As tea leaves get smaller, they dry out and the natural taste starts to dwindle. Loose leaf tea, with its larger leaves, holds in the natural oils and thus brews a more full flavoured cup.

David (yes there is a David) and his team have traveled the world sourcing premium loose teas, creating exclusive blends, and even offering crazy stuff like matcha lattes and tea martini kits.”

I rarely go online to the website ( because the store is near my house, but if you do, you’ll see screens like this, explaining all the ingredients, different blends and varieties, the history of tea drinking and more.  It’s really cool…

Drink To Your Health With David's Tea


Drink To Your Health With David's Tea


And while this company is founded in Canada (my wonderful country), with stores across Canada, the good news, is they ship to the US! And orders of $50.00 or more, ship for free.

Here are some of my favorite varieties. If you click on the image, you can read the cool descriptions. I buy only decaf and usually organic. Tonight I’m drinking THE IMMUNIZER, as it has great ingredients to keep me well.

Drink To Your Health With David's Tea
Here's my most recent stash. Click to enlarge the image.


My #1 favorite flavor, for an afternoon tea (instead of coffee), is the organic, caffeine-free Creme Brulee. So good!

Here are some other favorites…

Drink To Your Health With David's Tea

Because I wasn’t born with the best skin, when my skin isn’t looking so hot, I drink THE GLOW. 😉

Drink To Your Health With David's Tea

Another favorite just for a soothing cup of tea (if I’m not drinking Green Tea), is their HONEYBUSH LEMON GINGER right here.

Drink To Your Health With David's Tea

So, there you have it… my second favorite thing on! It keeps me looking and feeling healthy. And I don’t only love David’s Tea for the quality and taste, it’s seriously an EXPERIENCE.

Have a great Tuesday. I look forward to sharing more favorite things to come. Send me good vibes for Tuesday night! Yikes! 😉

And let us know, if you already love David’s Tea, what are YOUR favorite flavors?