3 Lessons The Pandemic Taught Us in 2020

As the Parenting & Lifestyle Contributor on Global News, this was a big year for moms during the pandemic adapting to new ways of life. I have covered parenting lifestyle during COVID-19 on Global TV every single week since March, 2020.

2020 taught us a lot about ourselves.

This week on Global TV, I shared 3 lessons 2020 taught us.

Take a look…

Direct link: https://globalnews.ca/video/7539048/2020-parenting-lessons-that-the-pandemic-has-taught-us

1. Patience

If covid didn’t teach us the ultimate test in patience, I don’t know what did?

2. How To Embrace Uncertainty

None of us know when things will go back to “normal,” and since we couldn’t control so much this year, we learned how to embrace uncertainty with greater ease.

2. To Appreciate The Simpler Things in Life

We have lived a year minimalism. We realize how little we need – healthy family, food on the table, board games as a way for the family to reconnect – we went back to basic family families. It was pure, and wonderful in many ways.

Let’s not lose these lessons we have learned as the vaccine hopefully lets us return to some previous ways of living.

Merry Christmas and Happiest of Holidays.

I’d love to know what YOU learned in 2020?

3 Lessons The Pandemic Taught Us in 2020

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