Hate to break the news, but it’s officially Sweata Weatha (according to the girls of Saturday Night Live). 😉

Check out some of my favorite fall looks from LE CHÂTEAU

Now, whether you’re a working girl or stay-at-home mom, here are some fall fashion trends that you might like to wear. I’ve gotta be honest, I’m digging them!

1. Check

Check for fall? CHECK! I think this look is flattering on everyone.

347522_185_1_300x400 346116_588_1_300x400 347502_723_1_300x400 349267_324_1_300x400 348346_597_1_300x400

2. Green

I’m digging green! The grass is always greener on the side you water it. 😉

346106_759_1_300x400 348025_026_1_300x400 348323_964_1_300x400 348819_964_1_300x400 349162_510_1_300x400

3. Drama Sleeves

I don’t like drama in my life, but I’m okay with drama sleeves! 😉


345855_121_1_300x400 347461_032_1_300x400 347819_928_1_300x400 348848_502_1_300x400

4. Geo Prints

Always love geo prints!

347484_934_1_300x400 348303_934_1_300x400 348535_217_1_260x325 348594_140_1_300x400 348772_207_1_300x400

5. Wine and Berry

Wine and berries please! 😉

345766_343_1_300x400 347931_012_1_300x400 348004_297_1_300x400 348090_297_1_300x400 348519_012_1_300x400 348541_297_1_300x400


6. Floral Prints

I’m falling for florals!


Untitled1 Untitled2

So get this – if you have loved any of the spring looks above,  EVERY LOOK AND STYLE ABOVE IS LE CHÂTEAU. Is their stuff fabulous or what?

I’m proud to wear LE CHÂTEAU each week on my Wednesday morning parenting segments on Global TV. Their clothes, coats, shoes and accessories simply make my shopping experience – one-step-shopping. I love that.


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I’d love to know what you think about the above fashion trends. What will you wear, what will you toss? Fall is here, and I do love fall fashion the most. 

6 Fall Fashion Trends

Disclosure: I’m proud to be a paid LE CHÂTEAU Brand Ambassador. All opinions are my own.