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Ahhhh, summer time.

The time when I slow down, and let my new ideas marinade.

Maybe you too have more time on your hands in the summer time.

Have you ever dreamed of starting a side hustle or making money from home? Haven’t been able to come up with ideas?

Firstly, you might be wondering…. what does a side hustle have to do with self-care?

Well, starting a side hustle is linked to self-care because it allows you to pursue your passions and dreams, which will create a sense of purpose and fulfillment in your life. When you engage in work that excites and inspires you, it boosts your mental and emotional well-being, providing a positive outlet for your creativity and self-expression.

Chasing your dreams not only enhances your personal growth but also reinforces the importance of prioritizing your happiness and aspirations. In essence, dedicating time and energy to what you love is a profound act of self-care, nurturing both your spirit and your overall happiness.

You get it now?

Back to school will be here before we know it. It might be a nice time now to make a plan for the fall.

Here are some 7 great side hustle business ideas:

1. Personal Chef or Home Catering

Have a talent in the kitchen? There’s nothing like satisfying a hungry stomach with a hearty meal and getting paid for it. Personal chefs can market their business to just about anybody who likes to eat well and is willing to pay for it. Instagram is a great way to market this! Food photographs beautifully!

2. Social Media Consultant

With businesses relying on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tim Tok for marketing, the need for someone to help run these accounts is high. If you love to use these types of platforms and you can help companies grow their own following, this may be the business for you. All brilliantly done from home too!

3. Interior Designer / Home Staging Business

Do you have a great eye for home design? A desire to make the world around us more beautiful is a great reason to want to go into the interior design business. There are a few ways to enter this business that you may want to consider. First, you don’t necessarily need to be an interior designer. You can help people with limited budgets by doing home staging or decorating their home with what they already own.

4. Gift Basket Company or Promotional Products Business (my old business)


From corporate parties to baby showers, to trade show giveaways, to holidays and birthdays, Christmas and easter baskets, gift baskets can be tailored to suit the taste of anyone. Gift basket entrepreneurs need a flair for the creative and the design ability to buy gifts and tuck them into baskets, decorative tins, boxes or bags. Attractive packaging is an important part of the gift basket business. You can’t just throw some objects together and stick on a bow.

Market your gift baskets by taking photos of them and posting them on a website or again, Instagram is great. You can sell your baskets online, to corporate offices, or individuals.

Same goes for promotional products- my old business. This is great because it’s not onesises or Twosies- promo items are generally high volume based caps, pens, T-shirt’s and mugs with corporate logos! If you’re a distributor the way I was, you don’t even touch the merchandise- you drop ship from supplier to customer!

5. Mobile or Home Spa

For the moms who wish to travel a little too. Salons can be very expensive for blowdrys, manicures, makeup etc…. Bring the spa experience to your clients via a mobile day spa, or offer these services in your own home. You keep all the profits! No salons to pay rent to. Mobile spa treatments can also be offered in homes, offices or hotels. A mobile spa offers facials, massages, bridal hair and makeup, body treatments, manicures and pedicures. Massage therapists, manicurists and hairdressers can run a successful mobile spa business.

6. Fitness Trainer, Pilates or Yoga instructor

Your love for helping other people get in shape could become your next business opportunity. You can help coach people in your home, go to theirs, or offer online classes through Zoom. You could even start a blog or website helping people with fitness and workout tips. Using your site to create a following, you could also create and sell personalized workout plans online.

7. Business, Life or Health Coach

I coach from home and am living proof if this! Career, life and health coaches can help people get to that better place in their life more easily and quickly than they would on their own. If you love people and have a true desire to help them, this may be the business opportunity for you.

If I can help you tap into a career choice that could look possible for you, schedule a life and career coaching session with me. Visit to learn more.

Let me know, have you dreamed of starting a side hustle?

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