Alison and Scott Stratten: The Jackass Whisperer- How to Deal with the Worst People on Earth

Season 1, Episode 9 is now live!

In this episode, I chat with Alison and Scott Stratten, co-owners of UnMarketing, The UnPodcast and now their newly realeased book, The Jackass Whisperer, How to Deal with the Worst People on Earth – At Work, at Home, and Online, Even When The Jackass is You!

Mic drop, right?

We are all the OG’s of blogging and Twitter, only I sometimes feel like my G stands for GRANDMOTHER! We chat about how they met online, how social media has evolved, where it’s going, and my favorite topic: how to deal with jackasses in your life.

You don’t want to miss this podcast episode!

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In This Episode

  • How UnMarketing came to be and the great stories on Twitter!
  • How The Jackass Whisperer the book was born, and how to deal with jackasses in our lives.
  • What do you do when jackasses are your family members: parent, sibling, spouse?
  • How social media has evolved over the last decade and where it’s heading.
  • How to share a message in public in any situation.
  • What they’re both currently reading. 
  • And lots more!
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    UnMarketing on Twitter

    UnMarketing on Instagram

    Jackass Whisperer Book


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