Amanda Knox Verdict VLOG: Did The Italian Justice System Get It Right?

Amanda Knox Verdict VLOG: Did The Italian Justice System Get It Right?
Amanda Knox

Along with the rest of the world, I have been fascinated with the Amanda Knox case since day one. It had all the makings of a sensationalized media story– the beautiful American “girl next door,” goes to study in Perugia, Italy and then finds herself accused of brutally murdering her roommate in an alleged “sex-game” gone wrong involving a boyfriend.

And because of a guilty verdict four years ago, Amanda Knox and her then Italian boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, have sat in prison since. But due to shotty police work and a real lack of DNA evidence at the crime scene, the case was appealed.

Yesterday, the verdict on that appeal was read: Amanda Knox murder conviction overturned! Her boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito: Murder conviction overturned! They were both free to go home. The family of 21-year-old murder victim, Meredith Kercher, left in a daze, said to be still trying to figure out what happened to their daughter four years ago.

The purpose of today’s vlog is not to rehash the case. You can familiarize yourself with the entire case here. The purpose is to ask your opinion.

Here is my take on The Amanda Knox verdict. When I say “they,” in the video, I am referring to Amanda Knox and her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this case. What do you think about the verdict? Did the Italian Justice System get it right or did they set a cold-blooded murderer free?



  1. There was no evidence anywhere at that crime scene that Amanda Knox committed murder. She has been wrongfully imprisoned for almost 4 years and she should sue them for losing 4 years of her life! Finally an innocent girl goes free. Too little too late.

  2. While I don’t think she actually did the killing (Rude Guede’s blood and sperm was inside Kercher) I do think Amanda Knox knew something about it or was somehow involved. She also confessed to being in the room the first time they questioned her and then later recanted the statement. She’s not the innocent girl she looks like.

  3. I have to say I feel terrible for both families. I was never convinced of Amanda Knox’s actual guilt…however I’m not so sure she’s completely innocent and believe she may have known more than she should have. Either way, I don’t think she was actually involved in the crime and am glad she gets to go home. Which in turn makes me feel bad for the Kercher family…what’s next for them?

  4. The jury got it 100% correct. Amanda Knox is innocent. Rudy Guede is responsible. His DNA was all over the crime scene. How could Amanda have wiped every piece of fiber clean in that room. It’s impossible.

  5. I think they 100% got it right….she is innocent and it’s about time she was freed from the prison and let go. She was a victim of the twisted theories of Mignini and part of his revenge plan. The circumstantial evidence does not lead to a murder conviction or of being a suspect. There is no hardcore evidence either. Rudy is guilty and he is all over the crime scene and gave Raf. and AK names when he made a deal with Mignini.

  6. Amanda Knox is the greatest supervillian of all time. With her boyfriends help, they cleaned up
    every piece of DNA evidence from the crime scene while leaving Rudy Guede to take the blame for
    the crime. Even CSI couldn’t have written this story! INNOCENT!

  7. Like you said, there was a ton of circumstancial evidence against Knox and her contrived stories.
    She lied from day one. First she wasn’t in the apartment but at Sollecito’s. When this was disproven, then she WAS at her aparment and she heard her boss (Lumumba) killing Kercher in the next room. Had a Swiss patron who sat talking with Lumumba in his bar during the time of the murder not returned to Italy to testify in Lumuba’s behalf, Mr Lumumba may well have been convicted of Kercher’s murder!

    Is this what an innocent person does, lie to the police and attempt to frame someone else for a murder? Also, the cartwheels and sitting on Sollecito’s lap at the police station. Does this not seem inappropriate and sociopathic.

    Is all of the above to be explained by the supposed police brutality she suffered?

    I think she was heavily involved, not unlike the girls in Charles Manson’s group, who perhaps did not perform the actual murder, but who assisted in some way.

    That she was released is a travesty not unlike Casey Anthony, also found not guilty along with OJ.

    Justice is not only blind but sometimes stupid.

  8. Totally innocent

    I think she didn’t herself any favors in the first trial with the way she dressed. From what I can tell she sort of proved the prosecutors point that was narcissistic by dressing in t-shirts and having a cocky attitude. The prosecutors made a point of this in their closing statements. Sort of speculating she was a she devil or something. I think she was just over confident. In the second trial she dress more conservatively and was terrified. A juror for the second trial said she was not bluffing and innocent.

    Although both trials came down to DNA. A juror from the first felt she was innocent but had to convict based on the DNA on the found at the boyfriends house. But gave her a reduced sentence. In the second trial an independent review board discredited that particular DNA piece and it was an easy victory. Basically the trial was over in July but there was a long summer vacation before the decision in October.

  9. @Patricia Moore:

    “Confessed… then recanted…” gets repeated a lot, but simplifies and distorts what is actually the case.

    As does the related accusation (which you didn’t mention) that she blamed a “black guy” to save her own skin.

    After being held for 90 hours, 50 of which were spent being interrogated (without an interpreter or lawyer, or food or sleep), at times by many officers at the same time, she signed a document prepared in a language that she could not read.

    The type of confession is called coerced, which is why it was declared invalid for the murder trial (A fact that is often elided by guilters).

    The following day, after getting her first food and sleep in four days, she had the chance to rethink what she had been coerced into signing…
    a document that not only placed her and her boyfriend at the crime, but also her employer as well. As she knew her employer was going to be at work in front a barfull of customers, the “confession” was obviously untrue, yet no one seemed willing to reevaluate HER guilt, only that of Lamumba.

    With proof that she was at Sollocito’s apartment that night, proof that Lamumba had not been at her apartment and with proof that a known (the Garda were WELL aware that Guede was a villain but hadn’t gotten to him yet) criminal had been in the apartment any reasonable legal team would have dropped charges against two youngsters with no criminal past.

    But not “Devil Must Care” Mignini.

    1. Your claims about the questioning are wrong. The family spent a lot of time lying about the interrogation and with the help of their PR firm were able to get these lies into the public conscious.

      Amanda Knox told police she was at the cottage when Meredith was murdered and that Patrick Lumumba her boss was the killer on Nov 6th before 1:45am.

      The family has lied stating the interrogation was 14 hours but Amanda Knox’s phone records and her testimony show that she started a cell phone conversation at 10:29pm so realistically the longest the conversation could have been is two hours. According to Amanda Knox’s interpreter, she did not arrive until after 12:30am so the interrogation was under an hour.

      Eight officers did not question Amanda Knox. It was according to Knox’s own testimony two police officers and her interpreter.

      What prompted Knox to falsely accuse Patrick was when she was informed that Raffaele Sollecito was no longer supporting her alibi. Sollecito decided to throw Amanda Knox under the bus. He told police that Knox was not with him the night of the murder and that he had previously lied to police at Knox’s request. When Knox was told this, she needed to change her story so she blamed the first black man that was convenient. Actually, the second since Knox had previously attempted to direct police to a different black man.

      Amanda Knox is currently on appeal and will be found guilty before the end of the year. By the end of 2014 she will be back in prison. In the meantime the transcripts for the trial are now available in English so the ability of her supporters to continue to spread false information is over.

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