Charlie Sheen: My Side

Alright, I’m doing something today I rarely do… give my side on tabloid gossip. A lot of you asked my opinion on Charlie Sheen’s recent antics. I watched pretty much all of it yesterday… The Today Show, Good Morning America, and The Piers Morgan interview last night. And here is where I differ with 90% of all of you out there. In my Facebook feed, I read things like, “Pompous, asshole, nutcase, arrogant, putz.” And see, I didn’t get that feeling AT ALL. You just had to watch his eyes. This man is obviously sick. Clearly ill. While I’m no Dr. Drew, I’m merely a psychology major and intuitive woman, and I know this may be a bold thing to say, but I have mental illness in my family, and it looked a lot like that.

Charlie Sheen: My Side

So, to answer your questions, I see everyone’s side. I see CBS’s side getting fed up with him and teaching him a lesson by cancelling the rest of the season, but then you can’t deny his power to command ratings and pull the show. So, he definitely has a point that they probably need him more than he needs them. But this is really of no relevance to me– a case of “he said, she said” is just gossip and a waste of time.

What caught my attention in this whole case, started two weeks ago. I listened to the Gayle King Show on XM Radio, and she had a recovering homeless, heroin addict turned counselor on. It was very fascinating. What this woman told us, is most addicts, are not the typical drug addicts that first come to mind– shooting heroin in alleyways. Most addicts, contrary to popular belief, are “functioning addicts,” as in Charlie Sheen’s case. They go to work. They’re in government, they’re CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, they’re bus drivers, teachers and people we trust. What this counselor found so sad, was that Charlie Sheen was not able to go away to rehab, work on himself and get better. He wasn’t able to take the proper time he needed to get well.  There was too much money riding on his need to show up to work. She said to Gayle, “If I told you that you have cancer and that you have to take a few months off for chemotherapy to get better, would you do it? It’s the same thing here.” Charlie was doing rehab at home, which she said was completely counter productive… the whole point of rehab and its success is by group work, and hearing other stories and triumphing together. That seems quite logical.

Charlie Sheen: My Side

So, the purpose today’s blog, is not, as I said to judge him. Charlie Sheen needs to be accountable for his actions, for certain. But I think we also owe him some compassion. I know he thinks he’s cured of his twenty-plus year addiction, but we know he hasn’t done the work, so how can he truly be cured overnight? He’s a brilliant actor, he’s a father to five children, and he’s a human being who deserves the right to live a healthy and happy life, just as much as the next person. And life is fragile, we so often forget. I hope his self destruction stops, for his sake, for the sake of his children, and for us, who get to reap the benefits of his talent. Perhaps CBS cancelling the rest of the season will let him go away, recover, and come back the next season a more healed person. I didn’t get into MBA School, and what seemed at the time as the biggest devastation and loss in my life, ended up being my greatest gift. I think that’s what we’re seeing here.

So, if you’re from the school of– “Grow up Charlie,” or, “He deserves this,” I’m only here to present another side.

I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes,

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” ~Plato


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  1. I’m tired of reading about Charlie Sheen. Go away, get better and come back and just do you job. And while you’re at it, get yourself another publicist. It was painful.

  2. He really did seem mentally ill or bipolar or something. He was so jittery. I also try not to judge and go the compassionate route. Everyone is judging him now and saying who’s ruight and who’s wrong. I say who cares? Charlie get better and come back and make us laugh.

  3. I do agree with you! I also do think he is making such a fool of himself. ON GMA he seemed like a manic person…but on Piers Morgan he actually made sense. He might just be himself. The unfortunate consequence is that the shows crew and staff are loosing their jobs because of his actions. But who knows…maybe they can spin this and introduce his long lost cousin as a main character.

  4. it’s sad that he finally blew it all due to an addiction. he’s no different than lindsay lohan now. i hope that he cleans up and that this is his worst warning sign.

  5. I agree with you that those battling addiction and mental illness deserve compassion. However, my potential for compassion for Charlie Sheen ended when his wife (allegedly) woke up with a knife to her throat one Christmas morning. I have zero tolerance for domestic violence and violence against women – addict or not. Many can rationalize away his actions because of addiction and (possibly) mental illness, but I can’t. It has bothered me that he escaped that relatively unscathed, professionally. In fact, the ratings for his show went up after that.

    As far as I am concerned, he gets no more compassion or endorsement from me than Chris Brown does.

  6. I watched The Today Show this morning. It now seems that newspeople are just putting him on display to make fun of him. Give him some meds for his mental illness and let him try and heal. it’s probably the mental illness that got him into drugs in the first place. Why do people think this is funny? It’s so NOT funny.

  7. After much soul searching…reviewing my first, second and third reactions to Mr. Sheen’s situation…I’ve come to the conclusion…that the worst thing happening here with Mr. Sheen is he is a functional addict…and the only person who is really suffering…is probably he and his immediate family.

    As a functional addict…because he can afford his addictions…he puts the lie to people who say addiction is a moral dilemma…it’s economic.

    That said…at least Mr. Sheen with all his addictions appears to add value to his show and the producers and the network.

    Too bad…similarly addicted bankers and lenders…who also want ‘star power’ can only take out their addictions on the rest of us!

    Nellie…the girl.

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