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Are you tired of feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day? Do you want to WORK SMARTER, not harder? Say goodbye to endless to-do lists and hello to a more efficient, focused approach to work and life? 

Introducing CLOCKWISE: A Workshop on How to Work Smarter Not Harder, End Procrastination & Own Your Day… Every Day

Join me for this transformative NEW, FREE, LIVE 60-minute time management and productivity workshop, where you’ll discover:

  • Strategies to Work SMARTER, Not Harder: Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to efficiency! Learn how to optimize your workflow, prioritize tasks effectively, and achieve greater results in less time.
  • Own Your Day: Seize control of your day and optimize productivity! Craft a personalized productivity system that works for you, conquer distractions, and truly own your day with confidence.
  • Time Management Tips: Beat procrastination and boost motivation! Uncover the root causes of procrastination, learn effective time management strategies, and reignite your motivation to unleash your full potential.
  • Cultivate Long-Term Success: Design your personalized system for success! From cultivating an abundance mindset to implementing sustainable habits, discover the keys to consistent progress and achievement.

But wait, there’s more! This isn’t just about ticking off tasks from your to-do list—it’s about living life on your own terms. I’ll show you how to thrive without subscribing to ‘hustle culture’ or ‘team no sleep.’

If you’re ready to unlock your full potential and revolutionize the way you approach your daily tasks, you’re in the right place because I’ve been teaching this proven roadmap for almost 15 years! Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your life with my practical tools and strategies that are quick to implement, and THAT WORK!

Whether you’re a busy professional, a parent juggling multiple responsibilities, or someone chasing big goals, this workshop is your golden ticket!

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Join me and take the first step towards a more productive, fulfilling and successful life! Become ‘CLOCK WISE’ and reclaim your time, energy, and schedule! See you at the Workshop!


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Erica Diamond


Teaching women how to prioritize SELF-CARE, Erica Diamond is a Certified Life Coach and Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Lifestyle and Parenting Correspondent on Global TV, Founder of Bliss Essential (, Professional Speaker, Host of The Erica Diamond Podcast, Course Creator of Busy To Bliss (, Author of the women’s entrepreneurial book 99 Things Women Wish They Knew Before Starting Their Own Business, and Founder & Editor-In-Chief of the Award-Winning Lifestyle Platform® (previously®). Erica Diamond has been named to the coveted list of The Top 20 Women in Canada, FORBES Magazine’s Top 100 Sites for Women and a Profit Hot 50 Canadian Company. Erica Diamond was the Spokesperson for National Entrepreneurship Day and is a Huffington Post contributor.