Erica Diamond on CTV News with Mutsumi Takahashi

This aired last week on CTV. I spoke about how women can get motivated and moving in the right direction. Would love your feedback.

Erica Diamond on CTV News with Mutsumi Takahashi

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  1. Erica this is such a wonderful interview. You’re so inspiring and such a natural in front of the camera! Congratulations on all your successes.

  2. This really gave the kick the ass I needed. I have been sitting on the fence for the past 6 months in my job. I hate it. My boss is a jerk and I know I deserve so much more. I’m going to look for work in the new year. I realize now life is too short to live miserably.

    1. I’m so glad it got through to you. Just a word of caution… please find a new job FIRST before quitting your currentho job if you are the soul source of income in your household especially. But I’m glad you’ve decided to follow your passion!

  3. What a lovely interview. I think many women can relate to losing their mojo and waking up with little motivation. I know i can.

  4. Shortly after Sharon spoke at length with Peter Anthony Holder of Montreals CJAD radio for a half-hour interview on a range of topics from financial education to YOUTHpreneur.

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