Today, you’ll just have to forgive me. With the boys off from school the past few days, no help at home (my babysitter is away for 6 weeks), and 4 kids in this house right now, I AM A LITTLE FREAKY this Friday. When everyone returns to school on Monday, and therefore so does my brain, we will be back with all the “on the fence” issues.

Yesterday my son turned 7. I also found my second gray hair. It was a milestone on all ends.Ā  So beside eating cake on 3 separate occasions throughout the day, and french fries with lunch and dinner, it didn’t turn out half bad. 7 years old. I don’t know where the time has flown. It seems like yesterday my hubby and I were backpacking through Europe, unmarried, smoking like feens, eating pasta by the caseload, and having lots of… yup you know it.Ā  Wow, did we look young… I also hadn’t yet discovered what it meant to groom your eyebrows. Good times, my friends. šŸ™‚

In Juan Les Pins, France

But in all seriousness, this week has actually been one of great milestone. I was named one of 50 Best Blogs By Women, I made the cover of the business section, Modern Family and Grey’s Anatomy premiered again, and we’ve almost put the finishing touches on something major I’ve been working on tirelessly. We are tweaking a massive presentation that if comes through, will change my life. It’s a one-in-a-million shot, but a team believes in it very strongly, so I’m pursuing it with gusto. What do I always say… aim for the stars? Chase your dreams? That’s what I’m doin’. And it goes back to one of my favorite quotes:

Don’t judge those who try and fail. Judge those who fail to try.”

Author Unknown

So, with little time to write today, I still wanted to stay connected with you and in touch. I’d also like to close today with something my mother sent me this week. Read the words carefully. It may change your thinking.

notes from the universe

A Note from The Universe

What if loneliness was simply a feeling of impatience, telepathically sent to you by friends you’ve yet to meet, urging you to go out more, do more, and get involved, so that life’s serendipities could bring you together… Would you still feel alone?

What if illness was just the signal a healthy body sent to urge clarification of your thoughts, feelings, and dreams… Would you still, at times, think of yours as diseased?

What if feelings of uncertainty and confusion were only reminders that you have options, that there’s no hurry, and that everything is as it should be… Would you still feel disadvantaged?

What if mistakes and failures only ever happened when your life was about to get better than it’s ever been before… Would you still call them mistakes and failures?

And what if poverty and lack were simply demonstrations of your manifesting prowess, as “difficult” to acquire as wealth and abundance… Would they still cause you to feel powerless?

Well, whatever you feel, I still consider you my only begotten, my champion, and my equal.

Are we close, or what?

The Universe

Thank you for that mom. It was a wonderful reminder to trudge through challenges with grace.

Have a wonderful weekend to both old and new readers. And if you would, please leave your comments and suggestions below on topics you’d like to see covered, and how I can improve the site for your reading pleasure. I appreciate your feedback, always.